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Original Art Acrylic Painting “Invincible (Kendo)”


The Centrepoint





Woodluxe: Creation by GINO TAN Name: "Invincible (Kendo)" 無敵劍道 Author: Gino Tan Year: 2018 Size: 20” x 20” Original Material: Acrylic on Board Description Hiroshi had been bullied and insulted constantly by the villagers and the Kendo Brothers since he was a child, because he was a small and ugly orphan. Life was not easy. After countless tears, with a hurtful heart, he made a vengeful oath and he must avenge the shame he had received to all who bullied him. He decided to practice Kendoka and use the sword as his moral weapon. With the sword in his hand, he turned all the hatred in him into an incomparable hardened force, and practiced the kendo with full determination and memories of hurt and suffering to spur him on. Finally the time came and he entered the Kendo Dojo, where he was surrounded by all the Kendo Brothers. Now was the time he felt that he could finally seek revenge - but during the battle of swords, one of the Kendo brothers threw poisoned powder into his eyes. He was in excruciating pain and unable to extricate himself from the blindness. With one mighty push from his inner warrior, all the suffering that had suffocated him emerged as an invisible force that made him defeat all his opponents in a few mighty strokes. And so he became known as the "Invincible Kendo" and gained the respect of the community which he so richly deserved. 他自小就遭受村民與劍道場兄弟們的欺凌與侮辱,只因他是個長得瘦小和醜丑的孤兒。他流了無數次眼淚,帶著痛苦無比受傷的心,他發下了毒誓,他必定將一切所受過的恥辱奉還給所有欺負他的人。他將一切的仇恨化為無比堅韌的力量,帶著滿腹的恨意勤於練習劍道。在踏入劍道場時,他被所有劍道兄弟包圍著,他覺得終於能夠在這一天復仇,可是劍道場的其中一位兄弟用毒粉毒瞎了他的雙眼,他痛苦萬分,無法自拔,一切仇恨與如今所受的痛苦讓他傾出所能,將劍道場中的所有人打敗。他被人們稱為"無敵劍道"。

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