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Original Art Acrylic Wood Painting “Good & Evil: Reflection & Separation”


The Centrepoint





Woodluxe: Creation by GINO TAN Name: “Good & Evil: Reflection & Separation” 善與惡:反思與分離 Author: Gino Tan Year: 2019 Size: 24”x32” Original Material: Acrylic on Wood Description Reflections that we see may not always seem to show the truth. When we stand in front of the mirror and look carefully, do we know if the reflection we see is really that of ourself? Through the reflection of the mirror, we may even begin to doubt whether we are seeing goodness of our being, or the dark side that lurks, which we dont know about. Human beings have no absolute goodness and no absolute evil. We have been taught to be a kind person since childhood to and negat evil from our lives. We admire and praise goodness. On the contrary, we have been brought up to reject evil. We try to ignore its existence and do our best to burnish it in many ways. Kindness and evil are like two sides to a coin.They have been planted in the human soul just like two brothers. When we pay attention to the growth of goodness, we will negate the influence of evil. Neglected, the evil being will not get to fluorish. Its existence will diminish, die slowly and eventually vanish. But what makes us so sure that evil will disappear from within us? Can we confidently remove the dark side completely? The answer is No. Whenever the goodness and kindness gets overcome by the evil side, the dark side will fluorish to a point where it cannot be controlled. Do we want that to happen? We should let goodness brush away the evil hand, let the kindness influence it, teach it and tame it. Let evil feel that it can learn from goodness. When we are at a low point, evil may lead us commit a sin. Not that it doesn't matter, but we should be aware of that dark force so as to counter the negativity it poses. We should not tolerate the evil side but in this imperfect world, nothing is perfect. We are humans afterall, born with varied emotions. When goodness and evil reach a certain point of balance, then I think our personality would be complete. 我們看到的反思似乎並不總是表明真相。 當我們站在鏡子前仔細觀察時,我們是否知道我們看到的反射是否真的是我們自己的反射? 通過鏡子的反射,我們甚至可能開始懷疑我們是否看到了我們存在的善良,或潛伏的黑暗面,我們不知道。 人類沒有絕對的善良,沒有絕對的邪惡。我們從小就被教導成為一個善良的人,並從我們的生活中消除邪惡。我們欽佩和讚美善良。相反,我們已經成長為拒絕邪惡。我們試圖忽略它的存在,並儘最大努力在很多方面打磨它。仁慈和邪惡就像硬幣的兩面。他們像兩兄弟一樣被種植在人的靈魂中。當我們注意善良的成長時,我們就會否定邪惡對我們的影響,並相信邪惡存在會減少,慢慢消失並最終消失。但是,是什麼讓我們確信邪惡會從我們內部消失?我們可以自信地徹底清除黑暗面嗎?答案是不。 每當邪惡的一面克服善良和仁慈時,黑暗的一面就會褪色到無法控制的程度。我們希望這種情況發生嗎?我們應該讓善良消除邪惡之手,讓善良影響它,教導它並馴服它。讓邪惡覺得它可以從善中學習。當我們處於低谷時,邪惡可能導致我們犯罪。並不是沒關係,但我們應該意識到這種黑暗的力量,以抵消它所帶來的負面影響。我們不應該容忍邪惡的一面,但在這個不完美的世界裡,沒有什麼是完美的。我們畢竟是人類,生來就有各種各樣的情感。 當善與惡達到某種平衡點時,那麼我認為我們的人格才是完整的。

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