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Original Art Acrylic Wood Painting “Treasure Series: Treasure Island”


The Centrepoint





Woodluxe: Creation by GINO TAN Name: Treasure Series: “Treasure Island” 金銀島 Author: Gino Tan Year: 2019 Size: 24”x32” Original Material: Acrylic on Wood Description Treasure Island is filled with treasures and gold, which everyone wants to reach. Its reputation has attracted a large number of explorers, including secret organizations, great adventurers, historians, and individuals each with his/her own vested interest. The lure of gold and treasures evokes the sin of greed, and one cannot escape its clutches. Everyone is driven blind by this lust of wanton wealth, unconcerned of the pitfalls it brings. Some venture alone, some with peers, and all want to share a piece of bounty. But wealth doesnt always bring happiness. Who can pass the test? Who will come out unscathed? This Treasure Island painting depicts a vast amount of money and gold. It must be protected from the clutches of Man's greed. It is hoped that we all can have our own Treasure Island, where we can store our own riches, protect it from the eyes of the world and savour its every glitter and sparkle. We own it and no one else. 金銀島, 一個充滿了珍寶和黃金,每個人都想要到達的地方。它的聲譽吸引了大量的探險家,包括秘密組織,偉大的冒險家,歷史學家和貪財者,每個人都有自己的既得利益。黃金和寶物的誘惑喚起了貪婪的罪惡,人們無法擺脫它的束縛。 每個人都被這種肆意的財富所驅使,並不關心它帶來的陷阱。一些冒險,一些結伴同行,所有人都希望能夠分到一杯羹。但財富並不能帶來幸福。誰能通過考驗?誰又能夠毫髮無損地出來? 這幅金銀島的繪畫描繪了大量的金錢和黃金。必須保護它免受人類貪婪的束縛。希望我們都能擁有自己的金銀島,在那裡我們可以儲存自己的財富,保護它免受世界的影響,並品嚐它的每一個閃光和閃耀。我們擁有它而沒有其他人。

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