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Original Dibi Milano Skincare New & Authentic Wholesales are welcome ❤Inbox or Whatsapp if you have any questions❤


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Original Dibi Milano Skincare New & Authentic Wholesales are welcome ❤Inbox or Whatsapp if you have any questions❤ Buy it Now==>>>> Purifying Cleansing Powder 2 in 1 抗菌淨肌潔膚粉末 √ 100 g DD013674 BI-PHASIC Astringent Toner 抗菌淨肌爽膚水 250 ml DR013678 Moisturizing Mattifying Fluid +24H 細緻毛孔淨化補濕乳液 + 24H √ 50 ml DR013679 Acid Gel Cream pH Control 控油淨化面霜 √ 50 ml DD013676 Mattifying Biocellulose Mask 特效抗痘控油纖維面膜 5 pcs DR013680 Blemish Eliminator 淨痘修復去印精華 √ 30 ml DD011346 Gentle Micellar Water 3 in 1 舒柔三合一潔膚水 250 ml D009460 Velveting Cleansing Milk 舒柔潔面乳 500 ml D009461 Velveting Tonic Lotion 舒柔爽膚水 500 ml Peeling / Multi-function Mask D009465 Renewing Exfoliating Scrub 柔潤活膚磨砂霜 150 ml DD012186 Intensive Peeling Mask 再生亮澤活膚面膜 100 ml D013685 Ultra-High Performance Enzymatic Peeling 綜合活膚酵素面膜 5 treats D009467 Renewing Face Mask 多元活膚面膜 150 ml Hydra Perfection 極致補濕系列 D010692 Extreme Moisturising Serum with Hyaluronic Acid 極致補濕透明質酸濃縮素 10x5 ml D010695 Extreme Moisturising Mask Gel 極致補濕啫喱面膜 150 ml D010694 Extreme Moisturising Cream 極致補濕面霜 150 ml D010693 Extreme Moisturising & Nourishing Bio- Reviatlising Treatment Kit 極致補濕專業療程套裝 5 treats DD011349 Repair Booster Balm (SOS) 舒緩抗敏降紅精華 20 ml D011347 Soothing Serum 舒緩補濕精華 10x5 ml D011348 Soothing Cream 舒緩抗敏面霜 150 ml D009954 Soothing Treatment Kit 舒緩抗敏防禦套裝 5 treats DD013683 Supreme White Skintone Correcting Cleansing Mousse 科研亮白潔膚泡沫 200 ml DD013684 Supreme White Skintone Correcting Ultra- Active Spray Toner 科研亮白爽膚噴霧 200 ml D013686 Supreme White Spot Correcting Serum 科研亮白特效淡斑精華 10x5 ml D013688 Supreme White Spot Correcting Cream 科研亮白更新面霜 150 ml D013687 Supreme White Spot Correcting Treatment 科研亮白透亮套裝 5 treats D012187 Collagen and Elastin Booster Concentrate 膠原彈性濃縮精華 30 ml D012188 Vitamin B-C-PP Concentrate 維生素高效濃縮精華 30 ml D012189 Botox-Like Peptide Concentrate 勝肽高效濃縮精華 30 ml D012195 3 in 1 Eye Lift Contour Gel 完美眼部輪廓提升精華啫喱 30 ml D012191 Gel + Activator Intensive Kit 重點激活提升套裝 10 treats Fill Perfection 激活肌底再生系列 D008261 Professional Filling Treatment 激活肌底再生療程套裝 5 treats Magnific Mask and Prodigio C40 細胞還原系列 <皇牌產品> DD012507 Magnific Mask Anti-Oxidant Cellulose Mask 細胞還原抗氧化面膜 5 pcs DD015352 Deluxe 2 in 1 Balm 基因逆齡睡眠修復霜 20 ml D015349 Youthful Professional Treatment Kit 基因逆齡修復療程套裝 5 treats BODY CARE Lift Creator Age & Tone 緊緻美體系列 D014299 Body No Gravity Cosmetic Adhesive 激活肌底緊緻濃縮啫喱 125 ml D014304 Body Breast Repulping "Perfect Cup" 美胸緊緻提升精華 5x10 ml D014301 Body No-Age Smoothing Cream 活膚再生美體霜 300 ml D014300 Body Customized and Conditioning Taping 塑身活力帶 2 roll x 5 meters

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