Original Syllable D900 Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 sports headphone headset earphone


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Syllable D900 Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 sports headphone headset earphones with charging stand for android/ios smart phone/ipad/ipod/PC/Tablet/Laptop Introduction: Syllable D900 black-bean sports headset is deeply loved by the lovers of sports, travel, and those who are always on the way of busniess. Elegant appearance and wonderful stereo sounds are not its best advantages. One of its best spotlights is the power that hidden in its small body. Choose our Syllable D900 black-bean sports headset, you can take a power bank unique for this earphones with you as well. Fully charging the charge stand and it can charge for your earphones at most 6 times. What' s more, when you buy it , you will get two earhones. You can use only one to answer a coming phone or use two to pursue perfecter music sounds. That is, each earpiece can be used alone or together. This magic earphones give you wonderful enjoyment which makes your trip and sports colourful! Note: 1. The both earpieces are independent individuals which can function alone. (One earpeiece is able to last for around 2 hour, and the charge stand can provide 6 times for charging.) 2. When working together as stereo headsets, the earpiece which get connection with Bluetooth input devices will deliver the left channel sound, the other will deliver the sound of right channel. 3. When the two earpieces are paired, nothing’s going to change if you press and hold the Prime’s multifunction button for 2 sec, but the Vice will switch to Mode 2 if you do the same to it. We suggest you not press and hold the Multifunction button on the Vice while in stereo playing to avoid connection break. 4. You can only hear the ringtone, pickup and answer the calls on Prime. Features: -Single or Double You can use only one piece or two together to pursue perfecter stereo music sounds. It all depends. -Near Pairing Put them together and they will connect automatically. Easy and convenient. -Wireless Device Wireless connection, BT 4.0 Enjoy 10M no limitation. -Large Power Capacity The containing box is also the charging station.It offers at most 6 times' full charge to the two wireless headsets. -Comfortable to Wear The shape of the earbuds fits your auditory meatus perfectly. With silicone earmuffs, the headsets stay firmly in your ears when working out or running or doing exercise in the gym. Specification: -brand: Syllable -100% brand new -colour: black -Driver: 8mm Copper collar horn -Impedance: 16Ω -Bluetooth Version: 4.0 dual mode -Power Level: CLASS II -Working Voltage Range: 3.0V-4.2V -Microphone Sensitivity: -42±2db -Bluetooth Frequency Range: 2.4-2.48GHz -Bluetooth Range: 10 meters without obstacles -Audio Transmission and Remote Control Protocol: A2DP/AVRCP -Power Indicator: Red light on when charging, and blue light on when charge is completed Package Contents: 1 pair of Syllable D900 Bluetooth 4.1 sports headset earphone with charging stand for android/ios smart phone/ipad/ipod/PC/Tablet/Laptop( 2 pieces) 1*charging stand 2*Silicone earmuffs 1*USB cable 1*user manual #PayLahAccepted