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Ostracod Seed Shrimp Culture Freshwater


Bangkit LRT Station (BP9)


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$2 for a pack of about 30 - 35 seed shrimps for starter colony. See pic 2. I can also sell the dried version which may hatch live seed shrimps in water bodies if eggs are already produced. The seed shrimps come from my own starter colony and are not mixed with other organisms. I wish I have moina or cyclops 🤔 maybe in future. Feed twice weekly: They eat detritus, algae and can be kept in green water. Or if you feel generous, they love spirulina. This makes them grow well and reproduce fast too. If u use green water then u don’t have to feed it. Or u keep them in non green water and feed green water, it works this way too. Kept in dechlorinated and non chloramine tap water or green water. They love warmth, keep next to window with sunlight on their container. Optional for non green water keeping: Add marimo ball, fast growing stem narrow leaves plant or riccia (floating or glue to rock) >> they eat rotting plants or detritus trapped in the leaves of these plants. Is used in biotope, ecosphere or biosphere. Some use them in fresh cuttings of plants to eat dead plant matter and fungus. E.g. rose cuttings Feeds killifish, gourami, betta, badis, endler, baby guppy, zebra fish, pufferfish, cloud minnows, Indostomus Paradoxus, pipefish Rasboras don’t eat this. Always spit out. With other foods available, Tetras or Boraras don’t eat this as well.

4 months ago In Fish Food


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3~5 days · S$1.50

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We are both early for the sale. Friendly and chatty seller. Fast and no fuss! Thanks! 😊