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Condition 8/10 see third picture for sticker mark but the rest of the book(pages, back cover and hardcover) are 10/10! R.t.p : $23.27 dollars(12.99pounds) so please don't negotiate very low prices (lowballers not tolerated) Elliot Castro was a gifted outsider, a working-class kid with ambitions who wanted to live the high life but lacked the money to do so. Until, at the tender age of sixteen, he worked out how to use the credit card system to his advantage. Identifying the banks' security weaknesses, utilising his intelligence and charm, Elliot embarked on a massive spending spree. From London to New York, Ibiza to Beverly Hills, he lived the fantasy life, staying in famous hotels, flying first class, blowing a fortune on designer clothes. Time and time again Elliot managed to wriggle free of the numerous authorities who were on his tail, while his life spiralled out of control. Meanwhile, from a police station at Heathrow, a detective was patiently tracking him down . . . With a likeable hero, filled with humour and as fast-paced as a thriller, Other People's Money is crime writing at its best.

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nex, Singapore

Can be negotiated if i happen to be around the area