OUT OF PRINT & RARE The Universal Tarot Package: Tarot card Deck with Book Maxwell Miller


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Self collect at my void deck at bedok north rd :) *****This release is out of print, rarely found on Ebay. one listing on ebay is going for SGD$415 http://www.ebay.com.sg/itm/USED-GD-The-Universal-Tarot-Package-Tarot-Deck-with-Book-by-Maxwell-Miller-/331910563244?hash=item4d476945ac:g:kqEAAOSwtnpXioT1 *****Less than 5 readings done. cards are in great condition; book rarely used :) ***** *****Full set. 144pg book and 74 full colour tarot cards. 7 cards with abbreviated meanings of each tarot card. everything kept properly. no missing cards. comes with box which shows signs of aging :) ***** *****Genuine buyers only please***** *****No Trades Please***** *****Low ballers will be politely ignored**** *****Sorry, price has been fixed and is non-negotiable***** *****Sorry, no exchanges or refunds**** @@@IMPORTANT~~~ buyers please do check item condition thoroughly before completing the transaction as there is strictly no refunds or exchanges after completion of transaction. thank you :) Out of print Complete set of 74 cards - 22 major and 52 minor arcana and Paperback book The 22 major arcana cards correspond to the twelve signs of the zodiac, 7 sacred planets and 3 elements. The entire minor arcana is the fourth element - earth The Universal Tarot only has 12 court cards instead of the standard 16. The pages have been removed so that each court card represents one zodiac sign Symbols from many cultures and spiritual traditions, such as Christianity, Islam, ancient Egypt, Native America and the religions of the Far East Title: The Universal Tarot Package: Tarot Deck with Book ISBN 1-899171-80-0 Barcode 9781899171804 Author: Maxwell Miller Publisher: Atrium Publishers Group Publish date: Subject: Religion & Spirituality / New Age / Divination / fortune future telling teller / crystal ball / palmistry / numerology / astrology not rider waite aleister Crowley smith wild bicycle bee tally ho hermetic angel major minor arcana

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Self collect at my void deck at bedok north rd :)