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Nothing will destroy, delay, or diminish a career like impatience. Yet millions of workers quit their jobs every month because they haven't gotten a promotion. It's natural to want to make the most out of one's career--after all, we spend more time working than any other activity in our busy lives. But the stark reality is that job-hopping in search of advancement and fulfillment may actually have the opposite effect. So what's the best way to "get promoted?" According to Rick Whitted, it's about outgrowing your space--making your current job bigger and bigger until management gives you a larger role and increased responsibilities. With a lifetime of experience and research to back him up, Whitted shows readers how to address those things inside of us that prevent career progression--things like self-entitlement, the desire to skip steps, and pride--and instead pursue excellence right where we are. Readers will be challenged to identify why they want a promotion, define for themselves what success really looks like, make lateral moves that position them for promotion later, be innovators in the role they perform right now, and much more. End-of-chapter discussion questions help readers immediately apply concepts to their own personal situation, and three practical 30-day checklists, also available at, help readers relaunch, redefine, or begin the process of outgrowing their current space. Selling for $5. No cash transfer or mailing. Lowballers will not be entertained. Only strictly meetup at sengkang. Interested buyer please sms or whatsapp 98977811.