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[Only selling to the first person who is really, really, REALLY interested to buy!] ~~Rules~~ 1) No backing out. 2) Don't bother asking if you're not serious in buying it. 3) If you're going to PM me, please use polite language. 4) If you're going to be rude, then it's fair that I treat you the same way. 5) I don't do deliveries or mailing. Only meet-ups! Meet-Up Location/s: Preferably around Tampines. If you want to meet-up somewhere else, please specify. I'm not going to charge you if meet-up location is further than stated. Condition: 8/10 As you can see in the 2nd picture, there's a fold mark on the bottom right-hand corner of the front cover. A few bent parts at the top, bottom and on the spine. Pages are yellowed and there are a few stains. NOTE: NOT FOR FUSSY BUYERS!!! Title: Overworld Adventure - Attack on the Overworld Author: Danica Davidson After fighting off mobs in the human world, Stevie and Maison must tackle the threat of cyberbullies who have discovered their secret portal and unleashed a zombie takeover in the Overworld. Stevie and Maison have a great friendship; they travel back and forth between the Overworld and the human world. Maison has earned some fame for battling off the mobs at her school, but the attention has also brought about cyberbullies DestinyIsChoice123 and TheVampireDragon555, who have hacked her computer and discovered the portal! Now, through complex coding, the cyberbullies have turned the Overworld into eternal night and unleashed a pack of zombies, allowing their grieving to reach a whole new level. Things become even worse when DestinyIsChoice123 and TheVampireDragon555 are bitten and turn into zombies themselves. Because they're human and not Minecraft characters, they have all the powers of a zombie while retaining their intelligence, creating a new breed of zombies. TheVampireDragon555 takes control over the zombies and turns them into his own army. DANICA DAVIDSON is a writer for MTV who has been published in over fifty publications, including the Onion and the Los Angeles Times. Her first novel set in the world of MineCraft, Escape from the Overworld, introduced the adventures of Stevie and Maison.

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I prefer to meet-up on the weekends.