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Paint Protection/Coatings (inc Meguair's M688), Paint Correction & Polishing Services


5 months ago by dbunkd








For Q3 2018, D’BUNK’D presents 2 Treatment Packages: 1. Shine 'n' Go: Consists of Interior Detailing + Snow Foam Wash + Polishing + Waxing + Tyres Shine from $105 to $150 1+ With Paint Correction (whole vehicle, WV) from $305 to $550 2. The Protection Packages Consists of Interior Detailing + Snow Foam Wash + Polishing + Choice of 3 Types of Paint Protection/Nano-Coats + Tyres Shine: 2.1 Standard (Soft99 Smooth Egg Platinum)* from $140 to $240 2.1+ With Paint Correction (WV) from $340 to $620 2.2 Premium (Meguiar’s M688 Deep Crystal Ultra Paint Coating) from $200 to 300 2.2+ With Paint Correction (WV) from $400 to $680 2.3 Ultimate (Gyeon’s Q2 MOHS) from $320 to $420 2.3+ With Paint Correction (WV) from $520 to $800 D'BUNK'D Detailing only uses genuine Meguiar's, Gyeon, Chemical Guys and Soft 99 Products. Additional Info: For 1 & 2, Our Interior Detailing includes the vacuuming and conditioning of all internal areas including the boot, carpets, dashboard, trims and seats (fabric/leather) Our Tyres Shine include thorough cleaning and application of tyre shine for Paint Correction/Compounding – generally additional $50 per panel, not exceeding a maximum cap which varies from size of car (with exceptions to the Roof - $100, Bonnet - $70). more aggressive cuts may be required for getting rid of swirls, and other defects, depending on car to car, which will be advised after a thorough wash and complete dry then inspection. Operating Hours, Appointments We are open Weekdays 7.30pm to 12 midnight* and weekends 10am to 12 midnight* * - we're flexible, the vehicle must shine We only take in appointments. More … For a bit more on what we do, and reviews (for trust must be earned thru performance), may we invite you to have a look at our Facebook Page, in particular The Works Album or alternatively on your FB app, search for D'Bunk'D Detailing

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mdshrlstVery meticulous and conscientious in their job. more
6 months ago
capulloThe dbunkd team did a fantastic job on my car and more
7 months ago
ap8777I like people who does things with passion and more
8 months ago
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