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We started in 1985 , as Armstrong Painting Specialist and upgraded to Armstrong Coating Specialist to reflect we also do epoxy and other floor coatings , architectural coatings, feature walls coatings and etc. Being one the longest lasting company with one of the largest customer base in singapore. We note that under nippon's electronic points system for sales of their interior wall paints , we remain constantly the top or among the top buyers of their paints , also in manner true in ici sticker , which clearly shows we use ORIGINAL PAINTS always , there is no hanky panky From the very beginning till today we always give you , the customer the "BEST VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY " , there are always very cheap brands out there , you will regret later In addition , we have a policy of " NO DEPOSIT " its designed to let you have a peace of mind , as numerous cases of deposit collected from them , they disappeared halfway - giving us overall a bad name To add in , we protect all furniture and fittings with " NEW PLASTIC COVERINGS" so not to create more mess than already exists We offer " ONE YEAR PAINT WARRANTY " except leakages - for all paints we recommend only. every product have their plus and minus , we know after 34 years of working experiences THE KNOW-HOW comes with the understanding that several of today's paints comes with more problems than before in part to various reasons ,- cost of paint getting higher - there are compromise in pigments or bases to offset higher cost Not allowed the use of lead , causes thinning effects or highs and lows finishes , poor hiding powers as the alternatives yet to be even better Walls constructed today , either prefab , plasterboard or other cheaper walls including thin ones , and to top it off , the quality of cement drop like anything being very cheap as compared to the past due to competition - all adds to poor walls today which create everything from ghosting , dampness , streaking, mouldiness of various colors , paint peeling on walls , stains , runs , cracks easily if other homes under renovations We work closely with Nippon and ICI techinical engineers to find SOLUTIONS to various problems , they comes out with better preventive coating treatments among others And finally we are fast and efficient and 90% of our work is by word of mouth and we remain to be the best in your painting needs. Contact us @ Gerald- HP: 85222615 Email:

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Painting & Wallpaper

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2019 Nov

The painters are diligent and I am extremely pleased with the overall quality of work. Price is also extremely good. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to paint their house.