Pair of Auspicious Porcelain Ceramic Antique Galloping Horses Horse 马到功成


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A pair of good luck 马到功成 horses. Very well made porcelain/ glazed ceramic and have been with the family for five decades. However it looks as good as new, no flaws, no dirt and no damage. Great vintage/ antique collectible! Bring good luck to your home/ office/ shop today! Superb as good luck auspicious gifts too! Tags: Christmas, Xmas, Birthday, Gifts, Monthsary, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Couples, Relationship, Cute, Stylish Present, Creative, Cool, Basketball, Soccer, Galaxy, Stars, Football, NBA, Decorative, Table Top, Wishes, New Year, Corporate, FIFA, Vintage, Feng Shui, Fengshui Master, Temple, Priest, Blessed

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