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Amulet: Pan Boon Monk: Phor Tan Chao Seng Temple: Wat Bang Trang Material: Locket Nur Loha Year: 2558 Batch: Locket Roon Laek Remarks: Menorah is a Thai poem and dance drama that was originally started from the Ayutthaya era of Thai history and Menorah folk dance in southern Thailand is often performed by the minority ethnic groups. One of the main characters in the drama is a Kinnaree, a bird-like female creature of beguiling beauty. The story originally comes from the Pannasa Jataka, folktales based on the previous birth of the Lord Buddha written in Pali Language. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Highly Recommended for Metta Maha Niyom, Maha Senah, Good Luck, Ka Kai, Protection & Good for ppl doing sales and business. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow us on our Facebook page @XvThaiAmuletsGallery or ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Like us on Facebook page @ XvThaiAmuletsGallery ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Do add me in my Facebook accounts to see more of my limited collection @Fong Yow Kon 100% Refund if any amulets or buchas rented are proven fake in sammakom organized competition. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ No Reserve unless deposit is given. first come first serve basis Interested parties kindly please WhatsApp me at +66951047316/or Facebook private message @Fong Yow Kon We Provide Normal Waterproof, Silver Casing, 70%,80% & 90% Thai Gold Casing Services at reasonable charges.

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