PCGS Blue Storage Box for Slabs & 2.5" Coin Flips, Lightweight & Rugged


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This listing is for a PCGS Blue Storage Box for Slabs. Stores up to 20 graded coins in PCGS holders, newer ANACS and other slab sizes. NGC slabs will fit in the box though the lid will not snap shut. Bears the PCGS logo (original) Lightweight yet durable plastic to protect your coins Includes dividers to separate coins 3 ½″ H x 9″ W x 2 ¾″ D PCGS slab boxes are formed from a blue injection-molded plastic. The inside of the box is fitted with rails along each side to keep slabs organized and separate. The inside of the box has rails along each side to hold each slab in place. The lid snaps shut. The top of the lid has posts which fit the notches on the bottom of the box for secure stacking of multiple boxes. Note: Each order is for X 1 box & lid. Items are very lightly used, and they are in excellent condition. Prices quoted are in Singapore Dollars. Note: Please click the on-line Emporium @ http://emporium-antiquities.com/collections/everything www.Emporium-Antiquities.com Keywords: Golden Gold Silver Platinum Diamond Emerald Ruby Sapphire Jade Opal Coin Medal Thaler Taler Yen Won Dollar Cent Peso VOC British Straits Borneo Sumatra Java Batavia Malaya Aceh Malacca Singapore Malaysia Indonesia Japan Korea China Sultanate Victoria Edward George Elizabeth Dragon Eagle Proof UNC Uncirculated Merchant Trade King Emperor Queen Gift Present Piastre Indochine Cochin Ducat