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People Around The World|世界各地的人*Simplified Chinese*age 5-8岁 A fun and interactive flip and 3D pop-up hard cover book that introduces over 80 nations. With folding, hidden flaps, 3D dimentional pop-ups, Turntable pages, every child will have fun learning how people from different countries learn in school, their different festivals, languages, careers, folklores, customs, cultures, places they stay and speciality cuisines etc. A good collection to expose your child to! 这本书介绍了世界各地的人们的文化和生活。他们都在哪里住?他们都会做什么?他们以什么为食?他们有哪些节日?他们是怎么学习的?他们有哪些与众不同的文化?书中有大量互动设计:神奇的立体地图、精彩的折页、妙趣横生的小转盘、有趣的拉拉页等。 1.介绍了世界各地80多个国家和地区的民俗、特色美食、民居、语言文字、职业等。 2.以立体纸艺,直观呈现民居、特色饮食、风俗、节日等,给小读者以焕然一新、妙趣横生的阅读体验。 3.大量折页、立体机关、转盘页等,是儿童认识地球和世界必备的工具性趣味科普读物。 Price: S$27.90 Recommended age group: From 5 to 8 yrs old Language: Simplified Chinese Hardcover; 28cm x 26cm Welcome to our facebook to check out latest collections and promotions! To view all our books and purchase direct, please visit To purchase this item via Qoo10, please visit

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