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    Pervert ( 变态人) Alert!


    11 months ago by busy_girl




    Ladies (Okay, guys too), please unite and make Carousell a safer place for all of us. Do not suffer in silence and expose those who are making things unpleasant for us and using us for their cheap thrills. Your coming forward will spare others from being victims of perverts (变态人) who are cowards hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet. My definition of a potential online pervert (IMHO) who may exhibit some or all of the following traits: • Hassles you continuously to meet them in person to close the sale although it is clearly stated and explained through chat that you don't do meet-ups. Forces you to give in by saying it is more convenient to meet than post the items (Actually, it's true 😅). Will not relent and questions you on why you don't do meet-ups even if you give in and arrange for someone else (helper) to meet them. Reason: "I want to meet you". WTF? It's due to sickos like these that I gave up on meeting buyers of my clothing. • Asks silly and nauseating questions like whether you really own that article of clothing, if you really have worn it, whether you have other clothing (e.g. FBT sports shorts or those that are worn close to your nether regions) that you did not list you but she (he?) really, really wants to buy it/them, etc. May include intimate questions which even your mother won't ask you. • Asks you to send pictures of you wearing the clothing you are selling so that she (he?) can "see" how it looks like when worn by her (him?). This includes intimate wear. God knows what other pictures she (he?) will ask for once you send those initial ones. What BS (废话)! • Related to the previous point, this interested "buyer" may impersonate a lady/girl so that you are caught unawares by his tasteless ulterior motives. • Will ask you repeatedly for your mobile phone number with the excuse that it is easier to contact/WhatsApp you if she (he?) can't meet you. Yet another BS (废话). *Never* provide them with your personal details, e.g. phone number, etc. Isn't it enough to be communicating via Carousell's app or Inbox? Report them to Carousell's admin and close them down. Although they will always register a new account easily, make it harder for them to strike back each time they are brought down! Your action will spare someone from misery. I'm a peaceful Carouseller. All I expect is a smooth and pleasant selling and buying environment. Please don't bother me if you are not interested in buying what I have listed. I'm not interested to ruin others' Carousell profile by giving negative feedback as I believe that you get what you give. However, don't force me to list a rant that you are a pervert (变态人). I will upload screen shots of your distasteful conversation for all to see. ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ I'm just sharing my own experience to those who care to read with the hope of creating awareness that will spare other ladies and girls from being preys of these scums of the earth. It is sickening to have such people do this on Carousellers who are sincere and want to sell their stuff due to their genuine need of cash. If you disagree, I am wondering why you even care to read my post until here. Cover photo courtesy of the Internet and rights belong to the rightful owners (, Tobey Maguire (Sorry!) and whoever wrote that funny meme) Tags: Pervert alert, Buzz off if you disagree because you are like one of them, Make Carousell safe for everyone, Scums can go to h*ll, I can be nasty if I want to

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