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Warning: there are reports of fake pet sitters using new Carousell, Facebook and Gumtree accounts to advertise and charge low rates after being discovered by pet owners. Please be sensible and responsible owners by thoroughly checking the pet sitter's/boarder's backgrounds. Read my article on how to detect real and fake pet sitters Or if you have a maid walking your dog I am a very established pet sitter and dog walker since USA college days 20 years ago, thus I'm already very well known among many expats and condo security guards. I have kept countless kinds of pets, worked at SPCA, travelled to USA/Canada/Australia/Africa to study about wildlife at national parks, live in farms and pet sit as well. I do pet visits (please note: NOT pet boarding) at $30/hour+ for dogs (which include feeding, jogging, short leash walking if necessary, off leash at parks, bathing, play tag), $25/hour for cats, rabbits, hamsters, birds. I can do basic housework (clean/wash/mop), handle huge stubborn senior and young strong hyperactive dogs. I jog and chill out with them at parks and beaches - rain or shine. I pet sit at Bt Timah, Botanic Gardens, Shelford, 6th Ave, Newton, Stevens, Orchard, Alexandra, Robertson Quay, River Valley, Tanglin, Holland, Dover, Clementi. If you are outside these areas or if I cannot take up your assignment, message me, I will have my pet trainees take it up or I will redirect you to a community of verified and reliable pet sitters. Call, sms or whatsapp me at 83153557 - only if you accept my rates and serious about hiring a pet sitter.