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1. A maid was paid and entrusted to care for her neighbor's cats, but she lost one of them and did not inform the neighbor nor search for the lost cat. I was walking a dog a few days ago when the cats' broken hearted owner approached me to keep a lookout. Please do not find cheap labor (without passion for animals) just to save some money and end up losing your pet. You pay peanuts, you get peanuts. If you want the BEST care for your pet, get a professional pet sitter! 2. Professional pet sitters/boarders will only look after at most 3 pets at one time. A recent case in June where an EXTREMELY local popular pet sitter discovered that a dog was missing only after a couple hours while boarding about 10 dogs. She did not inform the owner immediately nor help to look for it. 3. MOM has drawn guidelines in March 2017 about maids' job which should not involve in assisting pet sitters/boarders to look after other owners' pets. Some dog walkers were seen walking over 10 dogs with a maid of their own - please, that's NOT admirable at all. There are cases where maids ran away due to being overloaded, and maids who were discovered (much later by neighbors) depriving the pets. Hire only pet sitters/boarders (not their maids, young children or webcams) who would solely and personally look after your pets. Read the articles I wrote at Check my other listings if you need me for dog walking or pet sitting.