PETS' GANTRY-NEW! AUG STOCKS of Small Pet Select Timothy Hay and Orchard Hay!


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AUG STOCKS have arrived! DOUBLE THE HAPPINESS NOW! LATEST IN TOWN! NOW AVAILABLE IN ORCHARD 3RD CUT! Usual a box of 5lb at $58.85 NOW 2 BOXES AT JUST $102 ONLY! Choose 1 Timothy and 1 Orchard. whilst stocks last. No bargains, no reservations. NO deal is secured without full payment. Thanks. Timothy Hay Diamond Cut Soft, green, and so fragrant you can practically smell the meadows - this is the kind of timothy hay our pets would pick for themselves if they could. Most of the hays we have in Sg are 1st and 2nd cutting timothy hays. This is the DIAMOND CUT timothy hay. The main difference is that the DIAMOND CUT Timothy Hay is ultra soft - - nearly 100% leaf with very little if any stem. A beautiful green with little brown. If you have a super picky pet that is refusing to eat other grass hays, this can be a good way to get them started. Orchard Hay 3rd Cut One of the best hand selected premium hays! Timothy hay is probably one of the easiest hay to get but there is no issue with feeding Orchard hay if you need to. Both Orchard hay and Timothy hay belong to the group known as grass hay. This means that they’re high in fiber and relatively low in both protein and calorie. But there are some nutritional differences between the two hays – the main one being that orchard hay is a little lower in calcium. Orchard hay might be a little softer than timothy, and it also might have a smaller amount of visible seed heads. It will be good to have varieties in the hay. Mixing several different hays will provide your rabbit with a wider variety of flavours and even out differences in the nutritional values. TEL: 64566652/81986764 LIKE US at Blk 92 Toa Payoh Lor 4 #01-276 S(310092) **NO PMS here.** **NO offers here.**