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Great tasting rice, just as you remember it Smart program brings out the great taste of rice Powered by Philips innovative FragrantTaste Technology, with its automatic optimum controlled heating temperatures at each stage of the cooking process, every grain of rice is well cooked to shiny fluffy fragrant taste. Smart and automatic cooking Automatic keep warm keeps rice fresh for 12 hours 24-hour preset timer ensures rice and meal ready on time Easy to control cooking progress 10 Multifunction programs for a variety of dishes Quick and easy "Tornado Cooking" accelerates the cooking time just 25 min Fully detachable inner lid for easy cleaning Easy-to-read water level indicator Every grain well cooked 5-layer Crystal Black Pot for even heating Fragrant Retention Valve to lock original tasty Rice "FragrantTaste" enhances optimal moisture absorption Controls temperature accuracy at every stage of cooking Rice cooker 1.8 liter 860W Highlights 24-Hour preset time 24-hour preset timer ensures rice and meal ready on time 5-layer Crystal Black Pot 5-layer non-stick and anti-scratch coating ensures inner pot is long lasting and easy to clean. FragrantTaste Technology Enhance moisture absorption for firm yet shiny fluffy rice. Controls temperature accuracy at every stage of cooking to optimize the taste. 25-minutes “Tornado cooking” The rice is cooked at high power and regulated by a microcontroller chip, which accelerates the cooking time so you can cook delicious rice with ease in just 25 minutes, saving 1/3 cooking time. Fragrant Retention Valve The water content of the rice is locked in via the unique steam return loop design, retaining the original fragrance of the rice. Multifunction programs 10 menus, including: Standard cook, Quick cook, Porridge, Grains, Small portion, Clay pot rice, Soup, Cake, Noodles and Reheat. Specifications Design specifications Materials of main body: Plastic Dimensions (L x W x H): 365*274*224 mm Color(s): White and Pink Accessories Measuring cup 2-in-1 rice spoon Technical specifications Voltage: 220-240 V Frequency: 50/60 Hz Wattage: 860 W Cord length: 1.20 m Capacity: 1.8 l

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