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Phra Er Ge Feng Master: Ajarn Khun Pan Wat Kao Or B.E.2541 H:3.3CM x W:2.5CM 100% Authentic , this's the actual piece shown Amulet for superb business, sales , gambling and luck. By one of Thailand top master Archan KhunPan of Wat Khao Or Effects: Accumulate Wealthy & Happiness, Good Luck in Gambling & Business, more money and bring good fortune especially business and authority, Bring Prosperity & Fortune. Overcome debts and financial obstacles Protection against dangers black magic Increase lucky fortunes ( e.g. 4 D, ToTo, investment stock market n shares ) **must wear above waist** Refer to Yee Go Hong: He was born in China. He was a Chinese Millionaire. He came to Thailand in the reign of King Rama III. He was the first person who originated gambling in Thailand. He often helped the poor people. Er Ger Fong’s joss house very popular among Thai gambler. Every day, many people go to his joss house and pray to get lucky in gambling or lotto. 圣物名称:二哥丰(万事兴) 制作师傅:铁皮神探阿赞坤潘(拾到金佛牌创始人) 庙名:Wat Kao Or 制作年份: B.E.2541(1998年) 圣物尺寸:H高:3.3CM x W宽:2.5CM “万事兴”二哥丰,正财偏财一网打尽,包括好赌运、马票运、财运不断!有【赌神二哥丰】帮助提升和加强赌运和正偏财运,据佩戴者资料,此【万事兴“赌神二哥丰”】非常灵验,有佩戴者因佩戴了此“赌神二哥丰”中了大马票! 圣物功效:适合男女佩戴,添人缘,招贵人,避小人,吸金招财,事业顺利,健康平安, 辟邪避險,祈求健康,启运,以及生意和工作上有很大的帮助等等... 当然最重要的是心诚则灵

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