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Super Power of Two Hindu Gods - Ganesha &Phra Phrom In Longya micron gold casing & matching gold clip (photo 3) 100% AUTHENTIC GUARANTEE FROM TEMPLE. Name: Ganesha & Phra Phrom Amulet Batch: Choke Dee Mee Sook that means who worship this batch will get lucky and wealth. From: LP Hong, Wat Phetchaburi in Surin province Material: Metal Plated silver Color/ Presented: Beautiful silver color / on the front has Lord Ganesha image. At the reverse show Phra Phrom image.  Year: 2004 (19 February B.E.2547)  Origin: Thailand Size: 2.3 cm x 3 cm Purpose for making: LP Hong has been made this amulet that require donation of money for building the Museum of this temple. Ceremony: LP Hong has been blessed properly by him Power of this amulet: People believe that LP Hong amulet has power in protecting the owner from black magic, evil, danger and any bad things. Also this amulet helps the owner to get good luck, charming and love.  Phra Phrom / Phra Phom / Brahma is the god first represented in the Hindu Triad. He is the creator of the universe. All living beings are said to have evolved from him. Phra Phrom was assigned the work of creating the universe by Phra Phrom, the Supreme Being to assist him in this endeavor. Phra Phrom created 10 Prajapatis, who are believed to be the fathers of the human race. Their names, according to the Mausmriti are Marichi Atri, Angirasa. In Thailand Ganesha is represented as the “Sacred white elephant” and “lucky elephant”. Thai believe God Ganesha can be represented reclining hedonistically, as befits a bringer of good luck, wealth, fine foods and luxury. Biography of LP Hong: Luang Pu Hong Phromapunyo of Wat Phetchaburi, Surin province is now 86 year old. He is one of the top guru monk of this present in Thailand. He has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. He whet or “Tudong” that means monk’s journey to border of Thailand to gather knowledge as well as build up good/ Karma. Until he met many guru master of Cambodia who were knowledge of magic to exorcise and magic spell for protecting from danger, evil and any bad things. Then LP Hong commenced studies in Visha (magic) from them and lived there more than 30 year. LP Hong is well-know among amulets collectors at present-time.  It was said that unusual phenomena like lightning and thunderstorms have also occurred during consecration ceremonies held by LP Hong in the past. What is most amazing is that not a single candle or incense stick was extinguished during the ceremonies, despite heavy thunderstorm. Devas and holy beings have also been reportedly sighted at the ceremonies. Such can be seen efficaciousness of the power and Dhamma practice of LP Hong.

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