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Phra King of Butterfly Blessed by : Kruba Krissana Wat Weruwan B.E.2558 H:4.3CM x W:2.8CM Comes with original temple box 100% Authentic , this's the actual piece shown Description: Butterfly amulet by Kruba Krissana is well-known for its effectiveness of having better Attraction (Mahasaney), increase your personal popularity among friends, colleagues, opposite sex, etc. This Khun Paen Butterfly with further improve Mahasaney and Mahaniyom as Phra Khun Paen is King of Metta. Overall effect of this amulet also helps to gain luck, wealth, leadership and good health. 圣物名称:坤平佛 (背面至尊蝴蝶王) 制作师傅:Kruba Krissana 蝴蝶王古巴吉士纳大师 庙名:Wat Weruwan 制作年份:B.E.2558(2015年) 圣物尺寸:H高:4.3CM x W宽:2.8CM 圣物功效:圣物功效:这尊蝴蝶牌主要是增强人缘,特别适合一些做生意人,行销或者销售产品者。因为这尊佛牌拥有强大人缘的力量,能够使您无论是在做生意,处人待事都会减少不必要得挫折,因为它会让您像一只蝴蝶般,人见人爱,做起事来也更加的顺心得意。

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