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Phra Khun Paen of of LP ThongDum, Wat TumTaPianTong, Lop Buri province. Consecrated in BE2548. Material of holy mass such as “Phong Phaya The Khruaw”, “Phong Ngo Thod Roob” (charm powders), “Wahn Joong Nang”, “Wahn Haa Roi Nang”, “Wahn Dok Thong”, “Wahn Salika Ling Thong”, “Wahn Maha Chok”, “Wahn Kai Daeng”(charm herbs) Function of Maha metta -To be greatly loved by others all around , Maha saneh-Opposite sex attractiveness & Metta maha niyom - Effect of loving-kindness. PM if interested

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