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Phra Khunpaen Sadedklub, Archan Chum, LP.Supa 2506BE


8 months ago by hoki_amulet88




Amulets was start making on 20th November 2506 and completed amount of 84,000 pieces on 22 December 2506. Start chanting ceremony on Dec. 23rd December B.E.2506. Phra Sadedklub chanting ceremony was held at Wat Sarod on 24th December B.E.2506 and celebrate a successful day on 24th January B.E.2507 at 6:00 o'clock, Total time of two months. Phra Sadedklub in number of 84,000 pieces are includes Phra Khunpaen Ruenkaews, Phra Rods and Amulets of LP.Khong and Prakam Rosary also Amulet pictures of Luangpoo Supa  all made of Wan Sacred plants and minerals, medicines, Holy water together more than 2,000 kinds. Created by Archan Chum Chaikhiri and Mrs.Boonsueb Chaikhiri. This one is Phra Khun Paen Pim Yai, size 2.3 X 3.6 c.m.,Black color.Rare nowadays. Black color amulet of '06 batch can be pulled by magnetic power. *From these picture shown has taken from the Picture of Sadedklub ceremony by Archan Chum at Koh Sirae island, Phuket during 1-7 March BE.2507 (The word "Saded-Klub" in Thai means "coming back") In the end of year B.E.2506 (during 24 December 2506 to 24 Jauary B.E.2507) LP.Supa, Archan Chum and Archan Uthai Dujsrivachr together made and chant a batch of Amulets, after mass chanted ceremony, Archan Chum has perform Sadedklub ceremony, leave amulets in front of Wat Sarod, Thonburi and also at Koh Sirae island, Phuket (1-7 March BE.2507). + After leave Amulets into Water, they will re-appeared again within 5 hours or so, at the Pavilion, on White cloth that hang in the air over the head, Amulets will start to reapppear again on the upper side of White cloth more and more, from underneath will see lots of water drop and gain more weight until they completed the amount, meanwhile people nearby the ceremony will see Rainbow came across the Pavillion roof too. After Sadedklub ceremony finished, the Committee will come and check Amulets that some them has been marked previously to be aware that the return is true.   The meaning of the name "Saded-klub"    "Come home (safely)", but people prefers to named "The swimming back batch" because the ceremony that let go amulet in Water or Sea Water, then summons back to the Pavillion.   Experiences    The Amulets of Saded-Klub batch is special in KlaewKlad, come home safely,    There's a story of my customer, he work as Thai Royal Guard police, one day he call me and said he was lightning moved unwillingly to remote province, he's very upset and want to go back badly, so, i told him if he wear 2506 khunpaen and have some at home, he should pray hard to buddha at home ask to help him moved home.   Few weeks later, call me again and saids he moved back to his original point, that's odd.    *(In Thailand, when policeman or government officer do something wrong, they'll got order to moved).   But that's not all story yet, another one is about Kongkrapan power.   This Thai Royal Guard policeman told me how he get into collecting/ wearing the 2506 batch amulets.   He said his junior policemen that used to work together then left to work at by the South Border, one day he got shots, 3 bullets under Right side Armpit, tearing his uniform off, 3 marks of bullets founded, but not very much injured. He's wearing just only 2506's Archan Chum, LP. Supa Amulet.  

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