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Phra Kring Roop Lor AKA Medicine Buddha with kring inside (with sound quite clear when shaked) LP Kloy Wat Phukhaothung BE2557 4cm x 2cm Comes with Orignal temple box (Serial No. 4089) Phra Kring derives from the kling kling sound it made when you shake it, so it literally means Ringing Buddha. It is believe that this pleasant sound could bring happiness and harmony within oneself, and thereby strengthen one's awareness, thus improves one's spiritual mind, physical health and wealth. Although it took the form of medicine Buddha holding a medicine bottle from ancient China, it is still consider as Lord Buddha. It was intended that when a Phra Kring is shaken, a ringing sound could be heard due to its metal cast hollow body containing a small ball bearing. Effects: Maintain good health Overcome all obstacles in life Protection against harm & danger Successful in everything that you do Tag: thai amulet, somdej, lp thuad, khun phean, kp, butterfly, lp koon, lp pae, pikanet, chinaraj, jatukam, lersi, nak prok, pitda, nang kwa, buddha, phra phrom, kuba krissana, sangkachai, takrut, lp toh, lp tim, pu toh, pu tim, rian, locket, kring, salika, lp pong, lp tong, lp prom, lp sakorn, chu chok, khun pean, egf, er ge feng, phra, bucha, wat pikulthong, rian, Sorthorn, Keaw, Narai

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