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Phra Peacock King 9 Real 965 Gold Takrut(First Batch) Master: Golden Peacock King Kruba Chaiya Phattaphee Wat Doiduangkaew Sappunyoo B.E.2557 H:4CM x W:2.7CM Comes with original temple box 100% Authentic , this's the actual piece shown Kruba ChaiYa Of Wat Doiduangkaew Sappunyoo ChiangRai Kruba ChaiYa also know as The Golden Peacock King By the local are currently 26 yrs old, Kruba ChaiYa Learn dharma & wicha from Various Master and the legendary Kruba Boon Chum, also fellow brothers to Kruba Aliyachart. Kruba ChaiYaa Are devoted monk, practice straight precepts, and also very sincere and humble, Most of the current temple land, facilities were either donate by locals or funding through Kruba Consecrated amulets and talisman. 圣物名称:(头帮)吉祥富贵七彩孔雀王 备注:背面九支古巴亲自加持写经965真金符管 打固 备注:特别版 古巴亲自加持写上经文与签名 制作师傅:金孔雀王 Kruba Chaiya Phattaphee 庙名:Wat Doiduangkaew Sappunyoo 制作年份: B.E.2557(2014年) 圣物尺寸:H高:4CM x W宽:2.7CM 孔雀贵为鸟中之王,象征富贵,权力,吉祥,人缘 圣物功效:适合男女佩戴,添人缘,招贵人,避小人,吸金招财,事业顺利,健康平安, 辟邪避險,祈求健康,启运,以及生意和工作上有很大的帮助等等... 当然最重要的是心诚则灵

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