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Phra Phrom & Phra Pikanet Roon Pao Yant Na Metta Maha Ut of LP ThongDum, Wat TumTaPianTong, Lop Buri province


10 months ago by mon.lim.3








Consecrated in BE B.E.2546 (C.E.2003). LP Thongdam is 3rd of the 4 siblings and studied at Wat Ban Prasat till the age of 10 yrs . After He stop studying , LP help his family in farming. LP loves to help his family because LP’s family is poor. At the age of 22 yrs old , LP ordained under Pra Kru Virutammagij , Pra Ajahn Ngow and Pra Ajahn Poh at Wat Samoh District Prangu Province Sri saket . After studied high level of Dharma , LP went to learn “Vicha” from LP Mun Wat Prasat Yea Neua. LP Mun will not teach “vicha” to anybody unless he is sincere and willingly to serve/help the people. Ajahn Thongsook Wat Ban Pet teaches LP Thongdam “vicha” and Sak yant after LP Thongdam finish learning “vicha” from LP Mun . Finish Learning “Vicha” LP Thongdam become abbot of Wat Prasat Jant Ngo for helping to rebuild this temple because of LP Mun Ordered. After 12 years of helping , LP Thongdam decided to search for higher Dharma practice by “Tudong”. During “Tudong” His way to Ubon Ratchathani He met Pra Ajahn Hom who attained very high meditation level. LP Thongdam Practice meditation and “vicha” at the top of the hill where no villagers is near but every morning LP Thondam follow Pra Ajahn Hom to Laos to receive alms they will reach in a short time and someone will always be there to fetch LPs across the river. After learning the teaching of Pra Ajahn Hom, LP Thongdam bid fare well and continue his “Tudong” with a present from Pra Ajahn Hom “Pra Tamma Gaow Goti” a Buddhist scripture. Resting at Tham Pra Narai Khao Wong Lopburi , Year 2512 Nang Pisamai request LP Thongdam to a quiet but eerie place which is now know as Wat Tham Tapian Thong. This place is also well known for spirit sightings but in the past nobody knew there is a cave in this area. After opening the cave , One day during the meditation and spreading of loving kindness inside the cave , a spirit came to chase LP out but LP told the spirit that He came here to build a Temple and to spread Dharma and the spirit agrees to LP. Not long after LP dwell in this cave , devotees came to ask for Sak Yant from LP. Wanting to help , LP “Sak Yant” for the devotees but ended up bad people use LP’s Yant to do bad things and the government personnel request LP to stop Sak Yant. LP promise that he will not Sak Yant anymore. Year 2520-2524 LP Thongdam invited to Bangkok to bless amulets at there he met LP Toh Wat Praduchimplee , LP Eia Wat Bandan , LP Kammi Wat Tham Kuha sawan , LP Tit Wat Palelai , LP Sud Wat Kalong , LP Pring Wat Bod Gong Tanu. After hearing LP Toh is very good at “samadti” LP Thongdam learn many “Vicha” from Him. Then LP Thongdam quietly practice in Wat Tham Tapian Thong until recent years he continue to do amulets. I have forsee that LP Thongdum's amulet will be increasing as due to the amulets are consecrated limited for each batch, and also the demand by the devotees in south east asia and also Thai people are starting to sell a high price for each piece and giving the reason as it is make limited.

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