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Consecrated with 108 kinds of plants and mixed holy powder called “Kon Kok” from LP Pring and embedded with tarkut on the bottom. Consecrated in 2559 and bless by LP Pring personally for 2 years. Luangpu Pring is a close disciple of Luangpho Boey, Wat Manow, Suphanburi province . Previously Luangpho Boey was the disciple of Luangpho Parn, Wat Bang Nom Kho, Ayutthaya province. LP Pring have followed LP Boey for 18 years and received all mantra knowledge from LP Boey especially Katha Yant Kroh Phet that is superb in protection and prosperity in life. LP Pring became abbot of Wat Pho Koy in 1965 C.E. LP Pring has developed Wat Pho Koy very well. LP Pring is a good monk. He tries to implant dharma of Buddha in people mind. LP Pring is one of a few guru monks who achieved Katha Yant Kroh Phet, so every year LP Pring holds the ceremony that he blesses Katha Yant Kroh Phet for Buddhists. Lp Pring have just passed away not long ago and currently his body are placed at Wat Pho Kor to let deveotes to pay respect to him

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