Phra Pikanet Maha Sumret Ac Tong 2560 Wat Puthakien


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**Introducing another Ac Tong Wat Puthakien holiao, Phra Pikanet Maha Sumret!! Chanted over a period of 9 mths(maybe more) in many grand consecration ceremonies, Ac Tong placed great emphasis on this particular batch of Phra Pikanet as he wanted to make sure devotees who are wearing this Phra Pikanet have the maximum effect!!** Phra Pikanet Nur Mai Dum (black wood) Roon Maha Sumret Ac Tong 2560 Wat Puthakien Made only 99 pcs. With 1 silver takrut & code at bottom. Maha Sumret means Great Success and according to Ac Tong, he wants those who own this Phra Pikanet to have great success and overcome any obstacles in whatever they do, thus naming this batch Maha Sumret. This batch of Phra Pikanet Roon Maha Sumret had gone through many consecration ceremonies over a period of 9 months before Ac Tong released it. Ac Tong brought this batch of Phra Pikanet along whenever he was invited to attend consecration ceremonies at other temples. This batch of Phra Pikanet underwent a final 2 days 1 night Grand Consecration Ceremony involving many Guru Monks like Ck Surasak (Wat Pradu), Ac Tiew(Wat Manicholakan), Lp Chub(Wat Wang Krajek), Lp Kam Nuam(Wat Keow Charoen) and many others. No 2 pieces are the same as all of Phra Pikanet are hand-crafted by skilled craftsmen in Thailand. Ac Tong ensured that every pc are well detailed and he also made sure to consecrate this batch of Phra Pikanet seriously over a long period of time till he is satisfied and sure that it will have a maximum effect.