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Phra Somdej Holy Blood of LP Pae is a highly collectable amulet in the market. This amulet is full of power and miracle, as it has consists of many holy items like Takruts (Gold, Silver & Copper), Robe, Rice, LP Pae's holy Hairs & Blood. It is only made of a limited of two thousands more pieces in BE2537. This Phim of Luang Phor Pae Somdej amulet's material were mixed with a lot of old holy materials which was collected by Luang Phor Pae.. Most importantly, this piece shown had maintained in an unworn beautiful condition and can be say it is one of the most beautiful pieces among it. **Come with Certificate of Authenticity issued from Thailand Amulets Institute 龙普培帕滴圣血顺德佛在BE 2537开光加持。这是非常罕见的一批圣血顺德佛只做两千尊左右。这一批圣血顺德佛加入舍利圣血还有龙普培的头发,jivorn袈裟布,Peh Nah Thong 圣粉和打固。 在BE2536准备所有材料,并保存在寺庙,龙普培在BE2537在医院加持。龙普培出院后为这批顺德佛在BE2537 再次加持。龙普培在BE2542去世。强烈向你推荐,非常值得收藏。 此牌除了龙普培大师亲自加持佛牌外 该牌的材料含有: 1. 龙普培大师的圣血 2. 龙普培大师的头发 3. 龙普培大师所穿过的袈裟布 4. '比那汤' 圣物 5. 老佛牌经粉 6. 龙普培大师自己修法加持的经粉 7. 特殊神圣的一种秘腊 据传有特殊挡灾避险的功效 8.修法加持的黄水晶 散布于在龙普培大师佛牌像坐下 祈能带来财富