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Phra Somdej Nur Wahn amulet which was created by LuangPhor Koon of Wat BanRai (Nakonratchasima) in BE2536. There were 2 type of material for this Phim, consists of those with & without LP Koon's robe & holy hairs. Those with robe & holy hairs are made for temple helpers and the quantity at a hundred pieces at most. Phra Somdej was attached 1 Takrut, which inscribed yant by Luang Phor Koon personally. There is a bell "Kring" inserted to the amulet. It is honour to possess a piece well maintained condition and it is surely a collectable amulet. **Donation of THB10,000 was made to Wat BanRai, when I visited LP Koon in year 2005, this Phra Somdej was received in return from the temple.