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Phra Somdej Nurphong Bailan (9 Takruts), BE2539 Phra Somdej BE 2539 is one the most popular batches of Phra Somdej amulet produced by Luang Phor Pae of Wat Phikulthong. As seen from the photo, this piece had well kept in original temple box, well moulded and the LP Pae's holy hairs, black stones, 4 Takruts (inserted on Top) & 5 Takruts (Inserted on Bottom) can still be seen clearly. This piece shown, is a very beautiful and well maintained (9 Takruts) amulet which is extremly hard to come by nowadays. Moreover its the rarest material of this batch with gold foil pasted by LP Pae himself. **Come with original temple box, untouched condition.