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This Phra Somdej is blessed by Luang Pu Toh, Wat Pradoochimpee in BE 2516. Design of this amulet is slightly different to other Somdej amulets as the throne base features classical lion or Singh legs. LuangPu Toh created these amulets in response to the request from one of his disciples, Mr Wutikrai Rungrerngnaparat. A grain of black rice is inserted in the reverse of the amulet is highly significant. Rice is primarily a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Hindus particularly associate rice with Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. The rice itself originates from a sacred chedi in Kampangphet province (a thousand years old), donated by his disciple. The reverse also features his distinctive Yant Trinisinghe. These amulets are considered to be very lucky indeed, endowing the wearer with protection, fortune, health and abundant life. It is thought that approximately 7,500 amulets were created. This is a highly collectible amulet which will continue to increase in value. As seen from the picture, this piece has maintained in it's beautiful texture and in a superb condition. **Come with a Silver Diamond Casing (openable) **Come with a G-Pra Certification. 黑糯米顺德(嵩笛) 是师傅早期制造加持的一面牌制造于佛历2516年, 此黑糯米相传有上千年的化石糯米在 Khangphanphet省古塔出土, 此塔就是泰国闻名行走佛Tong Sethi 一样的塔。 在佛历2516年时师傅为修补庙筹款在考虑要制造哪款牌来祝福信徒, 巧合Kangpangphet省的省长去拜见顶礼师傅, 将一包出塔黑糯米交给师傅, 师傅接过此包米后开始打坐入定, 当师傅醒来时和众人说这包出塔黑糯米是神圣附有灵气而不是普通糯米必需好好善用, 经过商量后此黑糯米最终用于制造两款Somdej Than Seng 和 Somdej Prok Poh。每一面牌后都加入一颗黑糯米, 每一款只制作7500面, 大法会后当天两款Somdej都被信徒共请完毕。 多年来此牌有很多不可思议的奇迹出现, 发生严重意外但是当时人安祥没事, 做生意买卖的不断增长, 财源不断等, 信徒相信其中一个原因是此牌后的黑糯米和 Phra Leela Tung Sethi 行走佛出于同一个塔( 在泰国有道是凡佩戴或拥有Phra Tung Setthi 不会熬穷 )