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This item is a beautiful Phurba pendant made of brass alloy. There are three faces of the deity Vajrakīlaya & three blades on each of the three sides. The blades are not sharpened, but the point at the bottom are sharp. There is five pronged Vajra at the top of the pendant for treading into necklaces or mala prayer beads.  A miniature version of the Phurba, a great gift item for home or self protection against the evil spirits/entities. The Phurba or Phurpa (Tibetan) is an important ritual/ceremonies instrument in the Tibetan Buddhism. In Sanskrit the Phurba is known as the Kila or the kilaya. A phurba is a three-sided peg, stake, dagger, or nail-like ritual instrument often associated with the tantric deity Vajrakīlaya. The phurba is used as a ritual implement to signify stability and to overcome demonic obstacles. The phurba has three segments on its blade. The three segments represent the power of the phurba to transform negative energies. These energies are known as the 'three poisons,' and are attachment, ignorance, and aversion. The three sides of the phurba also represent the three spirit worlds, and the phurba itself represents the axis of the three spirit worlds. The phurba brings the three spirit worlds together. The handle of the phurba represents 'wisdom', while the blade represents 'method'. The phurba symbolizes stability, and it is often used during ceremonies. The phurba is often used by Tantric practitioners. The phurba can also hold demons in place. Only those who are empowered to use the phurpa may use it in these rituals. The phurba can be used to tether negative energies during ceremonies, or as a stabilizer. Phurpas can also be used as decoration in homes and temples, and many use phurbas as part of their meditation rooms. The phurba is also regarded as a powerful weapon which subdues evil spirits, entities & negative energies, transforming them into positive forces. Length: Approximately 6cm  Weight: Approximately 12 grams (Important Note: Please note that as these pendants are semi-handmade,  there might be very slight differences in them, including the measurements & weight & coloration.)

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