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PIG Series - BRITISH INDIA - 1911 ( KEY DATE ) pls read the DESCRIPTION - KING GEORGE V - 1/4 ANNA - ap337


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King Edward VII died on May 6, 1910 and was followed to the throne by his son King George V, who had his coronation on June 22, 1911. Coins were minted in India with the effigy of King George V from 1911 to 1936. Due to the increase in the price of silver caused by World War I (1914-1918) the silver 1/2 Rupee, 1/4 Rupee and 2 Annas were discontinued and new cupro-nickel coins introduced (8 Annas, 4 Annas, 2 Anna) to join the cupro-nickel 1 Anna coin). These new coins were not popular, though, so the 8 Anna and 4 Anna coins were discontinued shortly after introduction. The 1/4 Rupee and 1/2 Rupee silver coins quickly resumed production. An interesting story is about the so-called "Pig Rupee". On the 1911 issues of the Rupee, Half Rupee, Quarter Rupee, Two Annas and 1/4 Anna the King is shown wearing a robe with a small elephant on it. This elephant was thought to resemble a pig with the trunk appearing to be a pig snout and the short legs not appearing very elephant-like. This offended the religious sensibilities of many, so most of the Rupees minted for 1911 were withheld from circulation and later melted. The 1912 coins had a redesigned elephant. ******************************************************************** Hi, I have a huge collection of many pricelss indian coins ( of copper , silver & gold ) , banknotes ( british india & india ) , Stamps ( Princely states, British india & india ) , Stamp Papers and so on. If one like to invest in these to get high margins / returns / profit , please feel free to contact me. Just to get an idea, about indian stamps & coins , I have given some links, below :- BANKNOTES OF INDIA :- Stamps of INDIA Most expensive coins from INDIA

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