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Pigeon Breeding support shoes 2 Yoichi Ananyo - Baby Shoes Size 12.5 cm


11 months ago by kathewardrobe








Pigeon Breeding support shoes 2 Yoichi Ananyo - Baby Shoes Size 12.5 cm Bought from Japan shopping website. Condition: 9/10 *Baby only worn 3 times, no walking on the floor as my baby have not learn walking, only wore it and sit in the stroller/ pram. *No any stain. *Velcro almost like new. Reason for Selling: My baby prefers to see his toes 😅 Features: ★ Supporting unsteady walking of a baby who started walking A baby who started walking toddly by himself is still unstable walking and the load moves to various places on the sole of the foot.  So at this time, it is hard to slip and it is hard to stumble, shoes that support walking are recommended.  ★ Sole and insole are easy to bend This timing is the timing to remember kicking out to move forward.  Therefore, both the sole and insole, the bending part is thin and easy to bend, supporting smooth kicking out.  ★ Slip resistant sole pattern Since the load is applied to various positions, the entire surface is on the bottom of a rubber thin enough.  It grips the entire shoe sole, has a structure that is not slippery.  ★ Spacious toe space that allows you to move your toes freely Width and height are given to the toes, securing a space where toes can be moved freely.  I have made walking closer to bare feet.  ★ Difficult to stumble, topped design with just a slight toppling of the toes.  It is easy to kick legs, making it difficult to stumble. ★ Integrate shoes and feet, heel hold line design Shoes are fitted to the feet by fixing in the line from the armor to the heel.  Ankle is a high-cut design that is easy to move while supporting.  ★ "Fully open keep belt" that can be worn quickly New structure that can keep the belt open and keep it open.  To a happy shoe that you can easily wear with one hand while holding it.  ★ It opens widely, so when you wear, the baby 's feet can be seen firmly until the feet are soft, so worry that you will wear your fingers and feet unnaturally bent.  Since you can see the wide open mouth to the tip of your feet, you can see with your eyes that your legs are inside properly.  Terms: *No trades, No exchange, No returns, No refund.

Pigeon Japan



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