Pinstripe Parables: Searching Stories About Things That Matter Most to a Man (Hardcover) by David McCasland - Self Enrichment Book


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Pinstripe Parables: Searching Stories About Things That Matter Most to a Man (Hardcover) by David McCasland Harcover book in Very Good Condition, Clean, Unmarked, foxed. Description - McCasland vividly brings to life 20 parables and stories from the Bible, recasting them in modern times with modern people and usually in the business world. There is, by the way, no really good reason why these stories should matter more to men than to women. Any busy person in the developed world in the 1990s could find them engaging either as daily devotionals or as inspiring moral tales. The first story, for example, a retelling of the Parable of the Rich Fool, lulls one into thinking of the ``evils'' of temptation for busy jetsetters before revealing itself as a setup for an abrupt, sharp and very biblical ending on a transoceanic airliner. Each parable is followed by its complete text from the Bible, and each is short, snappy and very readable. Amazon Book Reviews - 1) Practical Theology for the Business Man - By John Stewart Pinstripe Parables is an excellent book written specifically for the Christian businessman or businessman interested in spiritual matters. Using the Holy Bible as a reference point, this book consists of twenty chapters, each containing one contemporary, fictional parable presenting biblical events as they might look if they happened today. Each fictional account is thought provoking and challenging, and immediately followed up with the Biblical reference from which the author (David McCasland) wrote his corresponding parable. The book is rated high by myself due to many factors. First of all, it is easy reading. Once would think that theological discussions are too heavy, and they can be; but this one is not. Each chapter is short and easy to read/understand. Second of all, it is practical. The Holy Bible has been the most popular book in history because it is practical for our everyday lives and this book just points that out. It is amazing how often - in these contemporary parables - I see myself and am challenged to grow beyond where I am right now. Then to take time to read the Biblical passage at the end of each chapter and realize how easy it is to! Finally, I like this book because it gets to the point and doesn't mix words. As a man, I like it's direct approach and it's willingness to discuss issues that are real in my life, even though I don't always want to admit it to others. Check this book out or buy it for a friend (I just did). This is not just reading for the mind, but also for the heart! 2) Great addition to my ministry resources - By Carmi Russell Great addition to my ministry resources. In todays' world this could work easily for men and women. My pastor recommended it. A good read and resource.