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PIONEER S-STP500 BOOKSHELF SPEAKERS (3.0 AUDIO SYSTEM) Most clients being home-users ,do not intend to spend a bomb on am audio system. All you need in a reasonably good audio system is: comfortable bass, mid and treble performance – and that doesn’t need to cost a bomb. This set of Pioneer 3.0 System is in pristine condition.... Set in Silver colour, elegant and stylish design, this system blends well with living environments in modern homes. Versatility at its best: easily fits into most TV consoles or may be installed as wall-mount speakers ! Its compact size may lead most people into thinking that it’s just one of the many conventional book-shelf systems...- and assuredly – it’s not! The Center Speaker, Surround Left & Right Speakers - are magnetically shielded 8 ohm speakers, each churning out power audio output at max-power 120W! (It may not be an equal to a high-end Bose system – but it is audio performance is comparable to a Bose system .... and at a highly competitive and affordable price ! Size : • Center Speker (semi-tubular) : 8 x 27, cm • Srround Speaker (tubular) : 11 x 11, cm Note: Extra long speaker cables are included for each speaker, cash on self-collection It is never wise to simply rely on tech specs and marketing jargon. When it concerns audio equipment, we’ve always advised buyers to check out the items personally before committing to a purchase... We have a wide range of audio speaker – bookshelf speakers, floor stand speakers, BOB-styled karaoke speakers) – and other AV products such as amps, mini-amps, audio mixers, wired and wireless mics. Visit us at Blk 652 Hougang Ave 8 for a no-obligation demo and evaluation... You will find a system or configuration that will suit your style and budget ! Call 97380246 to arrange.

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