PIXI Eye Bright Primer Au Naturel (Eyes Concealer Makeup Brighten Brightening)


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Selling at best price; not available in SG. Pixi stores in UK official price £14 + £3 for tax= £17 (x2.2 for exchange rate)= S$37.40 Pixi official online charges £14.50 for international shipping (see FAQ on official site)= S$69.30 Condition: - 100% brand new; in box - 100% authentic - Fresh from UK - Personally brought back (hygienic+ no wait time) - Well-kept in air-tight containers in drawers away from heat & sun (am OCD in the storage of skincare) What it is: This advanced technology eye concealer + primer ensures extremely long-lasting, no crease, smooth eye makeup- eye shadow & liner stays on longer & true-to-colour. Multi-tasking, light reflecting formula evens out skin tone and brightens tired eyes with its suit-all nude colour. Feels feather light on skin & helps neutralize oily eyelids. Optical pigments are added to diffuse and fill in fine lines and add a sculpted air-brushed finish. Hypoallergenic. Fragrance-free. Highly-raved and lots of recommendations both online and offline; by bloggers, magazines, celebrities etc. Some rave reviews: 1. Recommended by make-up artist on YouTube 'Brighten Up Your Look with the Pixi Eye Bright Primer' https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HYitdY214KM 2. "Best eye primer out there, over urban decay any day. I have used this for years. Everytime I have branched out to try something new, I end up disappointed and come back to my ol faithful. Seriously for the price, procduct, and how long it lasts you cannot go wrong. I wear a heavy amount of makeup daily. I am also of darker complexion, this primer not only keeps my wear all day into the evening, it's lighter shade makes all my eyes shadows color come through as its supposed to. Without it my shades of eyeshadow look slightly off or dull. THIS PRODUCT LASTS ME 6 MONTHS! daily wear and weekend evening outings. I am very happy with pixi and hope they never stop making it." - McKenzie https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/review/B002IB0XAG/R3CDTQ5TCPB9SH/ref=cm_cr_dp_mb_rvw_3?ie=UTF8&cursor=3 Retails £17, excluding shipping! Do grab this very useful product at an awesome price now (: #pixi #eye #eyes #primer #eyeprimer #eyesprimer #concealer #eyemakeup #makeup #beauty #skincare #natural #bright #brighten #brightening #lighten #prime #summer40