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PL2131 Textbooks and Notes!





Everyone who’s taken PL2131 before knows how deadly the bell curve is- one or two careless MCQ answers can cost you to fall by a whole grade! You can ensure that you stand a better chance of coming out on the top end of the bell curve with my PL2131 bank! And it’s just $12 :) Pl2131 Bank 1) Statistics for Psychology (6th edition) by Aron e-book 2) Research Methods, Design, and Analysis (12th edition) by Christensen e-book 3) Past Year Papers (dating back to 2011) - please note that the department does not provide answers (but I have prepared some answers for the questions in my finals cheatsheet!) > Bonus PYP from 2006! 4) Practice MCQs (midterms) 5) Personal notes, summarising lecture and tutorial material 6) Typed and organised cheat sheets to bring into midterms and finals (containing additional material, as researched to answer PYP questions- tendency to be able to spot questions!) This is the most updated set of notes from AY1718 Sem 1, so you can’t get more recent than this!! Do PM me for more details :) You can buy this bank with PL1101E for just $20! Edit: Please do not redistribute my notes without my prior consent, thank you :) Sold (Listed on 9/1/18): 19

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