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Placentor Serum regenerating 30 ml is a day and night care allowing you to hydrate, protect and regenerate your skin. Stress, fatigue, or even the aging can disrupt the biological cutaneous clock which has the effect of disrupting the natural mechanisms of the skin. This effect of dehydrated skin which becomes dull, lack of firmness and let wrinkles appear. Find this serum to chronobiological action allowing you rephase with the skin protection during the day and overnight repair mechanism. Enjoy during the day from the effects of hyaluronic acid, allowing optimal hydration and in depth of the epidermis as well as plant sugars to effect \"seconde peau\" which form a protective film. " At night, the plant placenta contained in the formula can boost oxygenation and cell renewal. Marine collagen, finally, is associated with a dermo-tensor plant to smooth wrinkles and firm the skin. Indications: Regenerating serum chronobiological for face and eye contour, is suitable for sensitive skin. Directions for use: Apply morning and evening on the face and around the eyes. Excellent base for make-up. -------------------------------- Things to note: - Brand new and in box - Made in France - RRP: S$69.90

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