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ONE pack of 10 Plastic Coin Pouch suitable for bigger coins. Dimensions of sleeve with no coin: around 6.9cm x 6.2cm. Please check your coin dimensions and consider the thickness of your coins you wish to place. Sold as a pack of 10 pieces. Selling on behalf of William Ng Collections. Accessories, Stationery, Numismatic, Hobby

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People's Park Centre 珍珠大厦, Singapore

Interested buyers please visit our shop at: 101 Upper Cross Street William Ng Collections #03-73 People's Park Centre Singapore 058357 Tel: Tel: 6532 2010

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Postage available. Normal Postage $2.5(<500g); $3.5 (0.5kg to 1kg); $4.5 (1kg to 2kg) Registered Postage +$2.00