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  • meteoralp

    i started wow in november 2004 and i still remember i had a mini diablo pet in that acct.. played all the way to mop 5.4 and decided to play wod private server (ashran/firestorm) for awhile. Ive done most 40man,20man,10man raids but never attempted mythics.. im more of a battlemaster/rated bg/arena player altho hovering just around 1.9k-2k rating at best for various chars. Itll be nice to spend amazing game time with ur acct, are u coming back for bfa and what realms are u mainly playing on?

  • ryanchong
    Ryan Chong

    @meteoralp yes I’ve already bought bfa deluxe use the chat in the listing to discuss!

Play My WoW Account Subcription Already Paid For (With a team of buddies on the same Battlenet)


11 months ago by ryanchong








BFA PATCH LIVE UPDATE! : I’ve found one other person with experience and historical expertise to share this over accomplished acocunt with, but willing to let this account be shared by yet another! Feel free ask questions! Going hard into BFA. Prepatch bfa update: Mage tower appearances done for: frostmage, WW, unholy, feral,boomkin,Guardian,Havoc,disc,elemental, All First Aid Achivements done 10th May Update! : Wow accounts(in the bnet) valued and verified to be worth ~16k USD Why am I offering this? : I don't have time to play my wow account but I don't want such a good condition account to sit and rot. So I'm looking for a lucky person to play my wow account for free. The only thing I ask is that you actually have the time to play it like an addict. I don't want someone casual. My requirements: At least played wow 3 years experience up to WoD 15 hours play time a week Do not currently have a wow account active Meet up every 2 weeks to discuss and chat Have time for raids and pve (I'm pvp mostly) Other small errands like weekly legacy raids for Mount, leveling another 110, other proffesions Wow account: 11 level 110s 397 toys, top 10 amount of toys collected in the world (Murloc costume worth 700USD, 9 TCG toys worth 300USD,) HH mount, Astral cloud serpent, Ashes of Alar, Mimirons head, Swift spectral tiger(1.5k USD), Timewalking drake, invincible, core hound, 3 collector's edition expansion mounts, MoP challenge mode phoenix Warglaives of Azzinoth, Thunderfury Blessed blade of the Windseeker, Sulfurous, Thori'dal fury of the stars, Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings and Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest, shadow mourne, fangs of the father 300 non-combat pet including Ethereal soul trader worth 90k and dragon kite worth 80k Cool transmorg including most tier sets from pve and pvp, MoP shaman challenge mode, calamity's grasp, hailstorm, headless horsemen helm, exodar life staff, Flaming skull shield, earth ripple shoulderpads 3 Tabard of the Lightbringer equipped on both shamans and 1 unused . 2 precious shirts on both shamans. 53 unobtainable promotional feat of strength and 65 legacy achievements, totaling almost 13k achievement points 600baseline in all professions Main character: 110 Ele/resto male Draenei shaman with 904 equipped. 2/10M 10/10H. AOTC for raids.Has 39 traits in ele and 34 traits in resto. 925ilvl gul'dan heroic whispers of dark trinket, 940ilvl Kil Jaden burning wish BIS legendary trinket, best DPS trinkets available. A total of 3 legendaries, with Al' Akir wrist and Prydaz neck. Has shaman MoP challenge mode rocket shoulders. Has 800 skinning and engineering. 110 2x Male Draenei Shaman Male Nelf Rogue Male Orc Monk Male Worgen Mage Female Nelf Druid Male Nelf Demon Hunter Male Human Priest Male Dwarf Paladin Male Worgen DK 100 Male dwarf paladin Male human warlock (Jubei'thos realm) 90 Female human warlock Male Goblin Hunter Male Belf Priest You have access to my other batllenet games as well as folows Hearthstone: 2k USD spent on opening card packs. Currently, have 150 gold cards including 90 golden legendaries(4000dust each). Has diablo 3: No progress made Has overwatch: 7 legendary skins including promotional launch legend skins So before committing to this would like to meet you and chat to see if you're suitable.


Battle for Azeroth shared account team!

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