Playstation 3 Slim (with 2 games)


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Preowned Playstation 3 Slim (120GB) working great! Model Number: CECH-2006A. Play your favourites and classics that are not available on the PS4. Condition of PS3 Console: 9.5/10 No dents or discolouration. Appearance wise it's good. Internally, everything is working perfectly well. Condition of PS3 Controller: 9/10 No dents or discolouration. Appearance wise, it looks okay. Internally, buttons are all working properly, along with the analog sticks. PS3 Slim console comes with: - HDMI Cable - Power Cable - 2 PS3 controllers - Controller charging USB cable - Includes God of War 3+ Little Big Planet Self collect in the areas listed below! While the price is fixed, I am open to a 3-days refund policy or if you need any help should the items not work properly. If there are other titles you are interested in, do check out my listings or let me know a specific title that you might want!

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Self-collection at Upper East Coast or Bedok/Tanah MRT.