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11 months ago by simplyfashionloft




▪️25 May 2017 • This Phillipino order 3 Kylie Lip Kit from me (Exposed,Maliboo,Boujee) Transaction Smooth without anything happen. Then I promise give her send to door service in the early of the morning on next day @ Bishan Sky Habitat Apartment. ▪️4 June 2017 • This Phillipino suddenly ask me provide the e-Receipt to her then I send her asap, but she keep saying she's not accept this because she have order from Kylie Officially website before then insist want exchange other because she's suspect it's 'NON Authentic'! (??? Receive Item on 26 May 2017,then say not authentic on 4 June 2017???)Then i said exchange to her due to i dont want many trouble may happen on me because she's Rich I Poor what, not because Item not authentic! End up she say change Boujee to Kristen I say ok,I send item & mail photos but this fella only send me mail & her branded photos for me info only??? I never suspect her then I just send to her. ▪️6 June 2017 • She send me back Kylie Lip Kit wasn't the one I send to her at first without box???? I say how to check then she say she throw away box because 'she don't need it' ! What a Selfish fella, I angry ask her transfer $40 for me due to I can't do anything if u make the lip kit like that! Afterthat she start the problem ald(Drama) Telling me the 'Kristen' also are the fake piece as well! Ask for refund this time! Although I angry with her,I don't want make any problem the send back Boujee for her then she pay me back $40 will do. No, this phillipino insist want to refund then complaint on my comment say I scam her somemore?!! ▪️Threaten me say report to me or what, she insist want to argue take back the Amount of $100 for her!! What a crazy Pinoy ! I don't make big problem then I say i post back Boujee for her because I can't do anything for the lip kit. This troublemaker said I admit my item was fake lol wth! Obviously she can't take it that I take off her mask then revenge to me?!! ▪️Now she keep attack me in all the carousell group page because of it?? My previous buyer saw this happen then shout out for me then she say she was attention seeker?? We poor people dunno to play your high class game as we only doing business!! I know u married to a rich guy stay at Bishan Sky Habitat this kind of high end place, then so what! You can't just play fool on all of us ! Stop everything ok! Mind your own business & please stop playing other Carousellers ard k ! ▪️SHE ADMIT SHE'S ENJOY PLAY FOOL ON US ON HER OWN CAROUSEL PAGE !! (4th PIC) ▪️

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