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[PLEASE READ] A Very Unpleasant Experience & Additional T&C's For Our Dealings !


1 year ago by juz.carouseling




I had the most horrible experience today in my entire journey in Carousell ! This Buyer contacted me this morning and wanted to buy one Holy Basil plant & 2 Hibiscus cuttings. He claimed that all his plants, purchased from Little India, died a short while after his purchases. I spent time (total almost 2 hours) explained the different methods of growing, differences in MOG used and many different elements that made up a sale. I also explained my method of growing, time & efforts required to keep them healthy. We also discussed the height of the holy basil plants, terms and conditions of this sale, which is for me to provide him a holy basil plant, approximately 70 cm tall with pot and fresh MOG at a price. He agreed on my price & terms, made an offer at 3.20 pm & I accepted. He told me to get ready by 4.15 pm (later he moved to 4.30 pm), even though I told him that I am rushing to pack parcels for mailing today & I need time to repot his plant properly. He couldn't care less and said he has meeting at 5 pm and not available ! (Read - UNREASONABLE) At 4.37 pm, he messaged me to say he is 10 mins away, but he eventually turned up at 5.15 pm, even though I rushed & get myself ready by 4.30 pm & waited at shelter at 4.49 pm. (Read -TOTALLY INCONSIDERATE & LIED ABOUT HIS 5PM MEETING & AVAILABLITY). He was 45 mins late & didn't apologize for it ! Still has the cheek to say that he is on time ! When he saw the plant (pic#1 left side were the items - one 70 cm holy basil plant, 2 Hibiscus cuttings - one with flower & both with buds - I brought to the meet-up), he claimed that it was not the same plant he saw in pic#2 of my holy basil listing. I told him that #2 holy basil plant had already been sold to another buyer at a different price long time back. (Read - I SUSPECTED HE DIDN'T READ MY HOLY BASIL DESCRIPTION, which clearly stated those #2-4 were some examples of plants sold to different buyers. In addition, he didn't specifically ask if THAT plant is available and what is the price of that plant in pic#2 of my holy basil listing in our discussion. He agreed and made offer after I told him I will be selling him a holy basil plant that is approximately 70 cm tall). FYI - The Holy Basil plant I bought to meet up was 70 cm in height and with very fresh & tender leaves - he first claimed that it was not holy basil then he requested to taste the leaves. After tasting it, he finally had nothing to disagree on. (Read - I believe as he was trying to cut my price on the spot by doing his prata flip when he gave these different excuses - not a real holy basil plant, plant not as per pic, too expensive because Little India plants were bigger & cheaper etc) - & I told him off immediately that we agreed to a price and T&C's, Buyer should honour the deal, not coming here to slash price ! (Read - DISGUSTING, UNREASONABLE & UNETHICAL BEHAVIOUR. Not a healthy behaviour for our Carousell community here). He said he wanted a much bigger & tallest plant and wanted me to follow me home. As stated in my T&C's in my listing (search "visitor" in my listing's search box), NO VISITOR IS ALLOWED as this is not my place. Moreover, I do not know him personally, not sure what is his REAL INTENTION (Are you trying to stalk, molest - as suggested by a comment below - or rob me ? If not, why is there a need to follow me home ?), so I suggested that he wait at the meet-up point, which is the shelter. PLEASE NOTE - I AM SELLING ITEMS IN CAROUSELL NOT SELLING MYSELF OR MY PERSONAL DETAILS ! I AM REAL, I DO MEET & sit down with my buyers for chats ! (Read - I have met at least 50-60% of my buyers in my feedback, if I am bogus and fraud like this Buyer stated, then I will not even come out to meet ! I wonder if he is insulting the intelligence of those buyers - especially those who have met me and left me positive feedback - 690 of them (a few even bought a few times) - saying they are lying by giving me positive feedbacks because I am supposed to be a "bogus" & "fraud" Seller ? Unlike this Buyer, who just created a new account yesterday (pls see pic#4) - I now recalled HE WAS the same lowballer who wanted the tallest & strongest Holy Basil in the biggest pot I have and freshest MOG at $5 in the last conversation, which wasted many hours and didn't deal, a few months back with almost similar account name ! SELLERS - PLS BEWARE OF THIS SUPER LOWBALLER BUYER & TIME WASTER!) Before I left, I asked him about the hibiscus cuttings, he said he will buy it when I returned with the tallest holy basil plant I have. However, I turned around half way walking through my park (less than 10 steps away), he was nowhere in sight ! (Read - LIAR & VERY DISHONEST). Now, he even gave a FALSE tit-for-tat negative feedback on me, just to protect himself. (Read - VERY UNETHICAL & DISGUSTING - U just bring shame to yourself)! Thanks to your negative feedback ...I was just contemplating if I should release your name here as it may not be ethical of me to do that. However, you just did a favour for me by leaving me a feedback ! 😊 It is ok to meet someone like you - because what goes around will come around ! Like one Buyer, who witnessed an ugly incident said before, whatever unkind things you do to others, that is probably why your plants never survive and will not to survive going forward ! I called it KARMA in short ! Hence, from now on, this is the way I hope to deal - 1. All cuttings/plants purchases will required at least 50% deposit before meet-up, regardless if you collect in next min, next hour or next year, be it is $0.50, $5 or $5K. It is because I need to cut my plants or spend time and effort to do the repotting and fresh materials/pots were used. It is not fair for me to resell them to others because they are customized for you ! I am not running a garden nursery here, where you can come and pick the plants off me. (Exactly like the difference between going to a restaurant and you hired a private chef to cook for you fresh & organic...I am the latter). I have met too many these types of MIA buyers, who made offers but never turned up to collect recently. I do not work on trust anymore. ATM is the fastest way to do the transfer and there are plenty around. No excuses ! DO NOT TRY PRATA FLIP ON ME - saying no money, not around going on holidays (but still wanna me to hold items for you without deposits till you are back), but still can continue to buy at least 1-2 items everyday ! TRUST & RESPECT ARE EARNED, not an entitlement ! (This is what I believe - plants have lives. If you made someone cuts a plant for you because you want to buy it to regrow (which is a good because you are learning to sow & nurture) and you never turned up to collect (which is bad because you may end the life of cuttings as you didn't carry out your original intention/responsibility). You just did something against the Law of Nature and you will have to live with the consequences of whatever happened to you. Yes, so be mindful of what you asked for). 2. Just in case you are not aware, price of my plants are based on the size, height, what I used to grow them and duration I took to grow them to your required height &/or stabilised conditions etc. Also, please read the description of my listing carefully, most of the plants I shared were those I sold or already earmarked for certain buyers. I DO NOT take a picture of my plants and list them for sale because something may & can happen to the plants (it may not have the same look-&-feel as per listed pic - I AM A RESPONSIBLE SELLER) while waiting for buyers to show interest to buy them and I do not want to be caught in those situations. If you are interested in any plants, you are welcome to check with me if they are available. (If you are lowballer like this Buyer, who wanted the tallest & strongest plant, biggest pot, freshest MOG at "Little India" price, please do not bother to contact me or waste my time). 3. All orders (be it plants or not) MUST BE collected within 48 hours. If you need more than 48 hours to collect your things, I will suggest you opt for postage or place a 50% deposit (preferred full payment - after all you intend to buy right ?) to hold your items. (I have held a frying pan for a Buyer for at least 3 months - every weeks and every months this Buyer has a new story to tell me. I even declined a few buyers who come along to ask if I am selling. I held on to the promises that I will keep for her since she is a repeat buyer. Anyway, she finally MIA. I am kind & patience, whatever you did was not right & failed rules of creation. You just have to live with the consequences eventually.) 4. Please commit to the timing you offered me if I agreed to meet you ! If you offered me a time and I have agreed to meet you at that specific time, please stick to it ! I am not sitting here doing nothing and waiting for sky to fall on me. I have my own schedule to run too ! PLEASE RESPECT MY TIMING TOO & MAKE OUR TRANSACTION AS SMOOTH AS POSSIBLE ! Btw, if you are new to Carousell with zero feedback, please read up the ethics of dealing here & maybe read up on "Law of Contract - Offer & Acceptance" - Google this and you may learn something outside your scope. If you think just because you are a buyer and push Sellers around, like this scumbag, think again ! I can tell you, I have visited enough profiles to know any unacceptable personalities will be blocked or ignored. They may even report you if you are rude & abusive ! In any case, don't think no one knows what you did, there is always a higher being watching us. Always deal honestly and hopefully we all do our part and make Carousell a better & safer place for everyone to deal ! Thanks for reading ! Happy shopping & be blessed !

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