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[PLEASE READ] How We Shall Deal Going Forward ...Thanks For Reading !


Bus Stop 60161 (St. Michael's Place)


Mailing · Meetup

Thank you very much for your kind and constant support ! Unfortunately, I had a run-in with a buyer today, who had informed me that she has written her unit wrongly and started to blame me for not writing a return address on the back of the parcel. Let me set how we should deal going forward, so as to minimise these conflicts. As part of my SOP, I will let you check & confirm the address before I dropped your parcel into my street corner postbox. PLEASE CHECK THEM CAREFULLY. In fact, please double check what you have typed immediately after you sent your address to me on Carousell apps. Next, let's do the PQPA (Perfect Question​ Perfect Answer) way. When I asked you to confirm address, please say "Yes, it is correct !" - these are the only magic words I want to hear before I proceed to send your parcel. Please do not just say "thanks" or "OK" as I will ask you again and again until I received those magic words because I do not want you to point the fingers back at me when something didn't work out, saying that you didn't say address is correct and I sent. THERE WILL BE NO RETURN ADDRESS on the back of parcel because I am not sure who I am dealing with. I am sure most of you can agree with me on this point & I believe most Carousell (especially female) sellers do not practice leaving return address. As long as your address is correct, the parcel should reach. Hence, there is no need for a return address. If the parcel is lost, damaged or delayed along the way, I will not be liable as stated on my profile. If you are uncomfortable, please self collect and check items on the spot. If you are uncomfortable with lost mail, do consider using AM Mail for items that are flat and less than 300g, Smartpac envelope for parcel less than 1 kg or Smartpac box for parcel less than 3 kg. All these are limited by the size of the envelopes or box. You can check their dimension at Singpost website. My prevailing P&H (postages & handlings) rates for these can be found in pic#3 and is subjected to changes. AM Mail will arrive next working day according to Singpost's Service Level Agreement. AM Mail has a envelope registration #, you are not able to track online, but you can call 1605 to request for a trace. As Singpost's operation is not within my control & I do not have oversight, please deal directly with them. Smartpac will take 2-3 working days to arrive according to Singpost's​ SLA. Smartpac envelope and box has a tracking # that you can track online. If there is a delay, please also check directly with 1605. Not that I am pushing you away as I am not sure what more I can do other than pointing you to the right direction since I couldn't walk into Singpost operations and search for your parcel myself. Hence, please be fair and mature when handling issues when surfaced. I prefer not to deal outside Carousell apps, so there is no need to ask for my personal mobile number, especially if I do not know you at all. If we have a meet-up and you are worried that I will do a no-show, you can always make me an offer. Meet me only after I accepted your offer. If you have no access to internet when you are outside of your home and am uncomfortable that we may miss each others, you are welcome to leave me your number. Rest assured, I will not abuse it. In fact, I will not touch base unless it is necessary. So far, I just showed up at meeting point at the agreed time to wait. Btw, please be punctual as I may have a schedule to run too. Please note my postage & handlings rates in pic#3, it includes stamps, all materials used as well as time and efforts used during the processes of wrapping up till I dropped your parcel at the street corner postbox. Deal only when you are comfortable with these rates. If not, please self collect. Please do not ask to view my "garden" as I am not the owner of this property and it is not for public viewing. I can send you pics of the plant you intend to buy or you can just trust me and leave me to find the best in my garden for you. So far, I had not failed anyone. I do not do conceal cash, so there is no need to ask. If you have no ATM card, please ask your parent, an adult to do the transfer, walk into POSB and bank into my account or meet me in person and pay cash. I have no Paylah or any types of account tied to my mobile number, so there is no need to ask. Payment transfer is done via ATM or online banking to my POSB or UOB basic banking account. Nothing fanciful. The Self Collection points are stated in pic#3. Please do not send me all over Singapore just because you are a buyer. That is the job of courier and postman, please pay for their services. I am mostly home-bounded as I normally have a full day schedule here. I do not deal in MRT station, there is a fine of $2k if caught (see pic#4). I cannot afford that fine just to make a few dollars from you. Hence, no dealing at MRT stations at all. In fact, my location is very convenient as I am on city fringe, at the side of all major expressways, is linked to all ends of Singapore via express buses as well as am a short connection away to all different MRT lines. So, do consider coming to self collect if postage is not an option. I only start to meet after 1 pm and may have back-to-back meetings during the day, so I cannot deal at your convenient meet-up points unless I am going your way, but at my convenient meet-up timing. In any case, we do not practice dealing at Buyer's convenience in Carousell (just in case you are new here). Last but not least, please do not show up without advance appointment (best 1 day beforehand and firm up at least 30 mins on the meet-up day) as I can busy or meeting another buyer, doing work and not near my phone etc. I am not the type, who sit next to my phone 24 x 7 and waiting for the sky to fall type, so please respect my time and make appointment. These are the points I want to highlight for now and may add new ones later. Thanks for your patience and reading through these ! Appreciate your understanding that I have to be clear on how I want to take things going forward. Happy Mother's Day ! Be blessed, as always !

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Anytime after 1 pm as long as I am available. 30 mins head-up required.


Mailing & Delivery

+$3.00 NM or +$4.00 smartpac envelope delivery & tracking services by SingPost. ⚠ Not liable for mail lost, damaged or delayed.

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Nice and easy deal seller... Never stand up on a buyer... Highly recommended... Will buy again from seller if it permits... 👍😁😁