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[PLEASE READ] Pls DO NOT Deal Like This Flip Flop Buyer - New T&C's Added


10 months ago by juz.carouseling




Pls type "T&C" in my listing's search box to read all my T&Cs. When I get time, I may consolidate all my T&Cs in one listing, so it is easier for you to read and digest how I hope to deal/transact with you ! In the meantime, please bear with me ! Thanks ! ----- I dislike writing post/listing like this because it is a totally waste of my precious time. Unfortunately, I have to do this because I will be adding new T&C's with this post. In the long-run, I hope to eliminate unnecessary conversations and keep our dealings sharp and sweet as I do not have all days to entertain you if you are like Buyer N, who wasted at least 2-3 days of my time flip flopping ! Btw, pls don't assume she is in her teen, but more senior than me in age ! 😊 If you have purchased before, you are always welcome to come back to share your challenges and joys (make sure our conversation is relevant to the items I sold you). Let’s have fruitful conversations, grow & learn together ! All sellers like decisive, sincere, fuss free, pleasant & easy deals, so do I. Even slightly lengthy ones, where you asked relevant questions, I don't mind. However, if you flip flop like a prata flipper, I urged you to decide first before you approach me to deal. If you are not only a prata flipper and has the potential to become drama queen/king and gunning to win the best Actor/Actress trophy, like this buyer, maybe you consider seriously what you need first and approach me to deal when you decided & let’s stick to the agreement. Make offer ONLY WHEN YOU ARE SERIOUS AND ONCE I ACCEPTED YOUR OFFER & TIMING TO MEET FOR SELF COLLECTION, PLEASE STICK TO THEM as they are part of the terms and conditions of our deal ! (PS - I will try to be accommodative if I can, but do not assumed you are the only human being living in this world, the earth revolves around you and I need to work around your timing all the time !) Below is a good example of how I DO NOT like to deal - Buyer N approached me on 20 June at 3.24 pm and wanted to buy 3 of my “lily” bulbs to be sent using Smartpac envelopes. Buyer can only make a transfer on 21 June. As a responsible Seller, I advised to mail only on Tuesday (27 June) next week as I do not want the plants to be stuck in Singpost Operations over the long Hari Raya weekends since Smartpac delivery SLA is 2-3 working days. At 3.36 pm, Buyer N made an offer on the agreed T&Cs and it was accepted by me. In the same conversation at 3.48 pm, she added mint seeds and also wanted to buy my tray & peat pellets bundles. She decided to come and do a self collection on 22 June and I agreed to meet Buyer N after 1 pm. At 4.11 pm on 20 June, Buyer N messaged me because she decided to come tomorrow (21 June instead of 22 June first agreed) at 2 pm. I agreed & accepted to her new timing (FLIP FLOP#1). At 6.33 pm on 20 June, Buyer N requested to meet on Thursday instead of Wednesday because she “suddenly found out she has some appointments to go”. I accepted her new timing. (FLIP FLOP#2) At 8.15 pm on 20 June, Buyer N claimed that she has “not enough money” and promised to “get the tray & pellets bundle at the beginning of next month” and asked to reserve them for her. She made an offer at 8.23 pm, which I have accepted. (FLIP FLOP#3) At 8.33 pm on 20 June, she decided to buy bulbs & mint seeds by post and we went back to the first suggestion that I would mail on 27 June. We both agreed and she will make her payment transfer next day. (FLIP FLOP#4) As I always have buyers’ welfare at heart, I decided to make her an offer to self collect for all the items under her reservation on 2 July since 27 June is only a few days away from 2 July and it can save her Smartpac postage fees. She agreed that we will deal in 2 July. I thought it was end of story till we meet ! On 22 July at 4.26 pm, she messaged me to self collect at 3 pm “tomorrow”. I agreed to it. (FLIP FLOP#5) 😓 At 8.01 pm, she messaged me again to “meet me another day” because “she is tired”. (FLIP FLOP#6) 😡 That was the straw that broke my patience and kindness. I felt that she feels that my time is not as important as hers and she can simply re-adjust my whole schedule on a on the hourly or by minutes basis just because she is buying from me ! At 8.06 pm on 22 June, when I asked Buyer N if she has changed her mind, but her reply was “No, i am still interested and will keep my promise. Pls don't jump into conclusion”. At 8.16 pm on 22 June, Buyer N requested me to deliver to Bedok Mall or Interchange, I did not accept her proposal as I already have back-to-back meet-up at my pick-up points. In any case, I personally do not deliver (since I do not have my own transport) and will use courier (at buyer’s cost) for shipping. (HISTORY - Buyer N actually complained to me about her Buyer M, who forced her to deliver from her place East to Tampines, which I did not think is very far. To me, if you didn't like your Buyer to do that to you, why do you bother to request for me to deliver to you ? This shows how inconsiderate & self centred you are !) To spare all of the readers all the agonies I went through, I cut this very long-winded story short. Of course, there were some dramas in between - talking about “trust” and “dying” when I asked her to place deposits to reserve her items - after all, I have to wait till 2nd July for me to know if she is seriously committed or just another insincere buyer and she is asking me to reserve my last seedling tray in-stock ! Now, 2nd July has passed, she didn't reply when I messaged her to confirm pick-up. Basically, she went MIA ! What a time-waster ! Buyer N - Just in case you are not aware, I have packed all your items for your collection ! How inconsiderate and selfish you can be ! I hope you can reflect what you have done here ! In any case, despite she claimed that she has no money when I asked for deposits to reserve her items and going on retreat over the long weekends, she has made 16 purchases during the period till yesterday and across those days she claimed to be away. When she said she was too tired to meet that and no time to pack for her retreat, she has 2 feedbacks on the same day after our 8 pm conversation. Despite her reasonable review (she has one neutral - was negative - out of 8 feedbacks at the time of our dealing), I am totally not impressed with this Buyer. Buyer N - pls just know what you do to others will come back and get you someday. 😊 Please be mindful - Time is very precious to me too as I do have many things I need to clear each days and I do not sit here waiting for sky to fall. DO NOT EXPECT ME TO DROP EVERYTHING just for you because you are coming within the next hour ! I could be somewhere else (or going somewhere else) and not near your pick-up location ! Please don't expect me to be here all the time ! So, APPRECIATE YOU CAN MAKE APPOINTMENT & STICK TO THE TIMING. If you need to adjust, please let me know way in advance, so I can plan on my end too ! DO NOT FLIP FLOP like Buyer N ! As stated in my other T&Cs, all pre-orders and reservations will need at 50% deposits if you cannot collect within 48 hours ! Thanks for your co-operations and understanding ! Please be honest, considerate, respectful and reasonable with your request as the way you want to be treated ! If we are are all considerate and mindful in our own actions, Carousell will be a more pleasant place for all of us to deal ! Thank you very much for reading this ! Have a blessed week ahead !

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